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Uni Posca

Unleash your inner artist with our range of uni POSCA water-based paint markers. These paint markers will let you add a small dash, or whole splash, of colour to almost any material you are working on. These markers can draw on fabric, glass, metal, wood, plastic and many more surfaces. They will not bleed through on papers, but they are non-permanent on some surfaces, so you can easily wipe them off of glass, plastic, etc. They will also show up on dark or light materials, and you can overwrite the colours, allowing you to cleverly cover up any mistakes.

The uni POSCA range is available in a selection of markers which go in size and shape from an extra-broad 15.0mm chisel tip, to an ultra-fine 0.7mm tip, to a medium 2.5mm bullet tip, or a brush tip, so you can find the shape and width of tip you need for any project. Each style of tip also has a variety of colours to choose from, with an overall pallet of 35 vibrant colours available. With all of these choices in shapes, colours, and surfaces, the potential for your artistic projects is endless!