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Stabilo Point 88

The iconic Stabilo Point 88 is the favourite fineliner pen in Europe, with its instantly recognizable orange and white hexagonal barrel which makes it comfortable to grip for any project. These fineliner pens are perfectly sized for use by school children, students or professionals and have a metal-encased 0.4mm tip which makes them ideal for intricate work, detailed writing, accents of colour, or for using with a ruler or stencil.

With a range of 47 brilliant colours to choose from, we have the Stabilo Point 88 pens available in a variety of wallet sizes and colour combinations, including rolling wallet sets which are easy to take with you. There is also a selection of the Mini Point 88 pens to choose from for a mini version of the classic pen. The quality, durability, and usability of these pens will ensure that you have the perfect colour at your fingertips anytime.