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Pentel Energel

The Pentel EnerGel range of pens is designed to give you a superior writing experience combined with a stylish exterior to fit any situation. The EnerGel ink is specially formulated with a combination of liquid and gel ink, giving you super-smooth writing which is quick drying and smudge proof, making it ideal for left-handed and right-handed writers. This line has plenty of options for you to choose from, including retractable pens or capped versions, sleek barrels in metallic or bold colours, and line-widths which can vary from 0.5mm needle nose tips up to broad 1.0mm metal tips. The Pentel EnerGel pens are available in the Liquid Gel versions, the Tradio rollerball, the XM range and the Sterling Premium Gel rollerball. These pens are refillable, they come with a variety of ink colours, and many of the styles can be personalized to make your pen as unique as your writing.

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