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Kaweco Liliput

If you like fine items in small packages, then the Kaweco Liliput range is just right for you. Originally designed in 1908, this is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world, measuring just 98mm when it is closed and 125mm when the cap is screwed onto the back. Elegance is a key design feature in the simplicity of the 3 parts of these pens - the cap, the barrel, and the mouthpiece. The pens are finely crafted from either classic coloured aluminium barrels, or you have a choice of precious metals such as copper, brass or silver which will take on a unique patina over time. The ballpoint pens are refillable with any standard D1 refill, while the fountain pens are refillable with a wide range of international standard short ink refill cartridges, with a range in nib options from extra fine to double broad. Many of the styles are also engravable and we are currently the only company in the world able to engrave these pens, making this a unique opportunity for your custom Kaweco Liliput.