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Cross Screw in Converter – 8756

Code: CR-8756
Cross Screw in Converter – 8756
RRP: £6.50


This Cross screw in fountain pen ink converter will allow you use bottled ink in your fountain pen instead of using an ink cartridge.

 It is suitable for most Cross fountain pens including:

  • Cross Apogee
  • Cross ATX
  • Cross Bailey
  • Cross Beverley
  • Cross C - Series
  • Cross Century II
  • Cross Sauvage
  • Cross Sentiment
  • Cross Verve

Important – This converter will now fit the new style Cross Classic Century Fountain pens which have a wider body than the previous version.

 If your Cross Classic Century Fountain Pen has a screw on cap then it is the older slimmer model and it can only be refilled with Cross slim ink cartridges.

Please Note it does not fit Cross Aventura & Cross Townsend fountain pens these use the Cross Push in converter - 8751

Cross Fountain Pen Ink Convertor Instructions:

Insert the ink converter in the fountain pens body in place of an ink cartridge.

Dip the nib of the fountain pen in the ink bottle until it is fully submerged.

Ensure that the screw is all the way to the bottom of the converter.

Turn the screw on the converter so that it moves up the inside of the ink convertor drawing the ink up as it goes along.

You may find there is some air trapped at the top.

If this is the case you will need to expel the ink and refill the converter.

To expel the ink lift the converter out of the ink then twist the end of the converter counter clockwise so the screw moves back down the barrel.

Then refill.


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