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Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Review

Looking on my desk for inspiration, I find myself wondering just how many pens a girl needs. That said I like to make sure that there is always one to hand albeit for something as simple as a telephone message or shopping list.

Zebra Jimnie Ballpoint Pen

The Zebra Jimnie retractable ballpoint pen is just the kind of thing I'd use for those day to day tasks. The red ballpoint has a transparent barrel (handy for keeping check of the ink level) & is tinged with pinky red hues that is met by a soft rubberised grip. I find it to be a good fit in my hand & the grip is comfortable making the pen easy to write with & the ink flows smoothly through the 1.0mm tip.

The pocket clip provides a good space for the logos & is sturdy enough to clip on a notepad without slipping & will ensure it stays put by the phone. I can't think of anything more annoying than having to go search for something to write with in the middle of a conversation.

All in all a perfectly acceptable ballpoint, nothing fancy, just something reliable for note taking & the reliable retractable mechanism is a bonus. This particular Jimnie is also available with black & blue ink. When the ink runs dry you can use Zebra K refills.


Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Zebra Jimnie RT 1.0 Written Review


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