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Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Pen Review

Just about everyone has heard of the Biro, popular since they went on sale in the 40's the name is still used by many to describe all ballpoint pens no matter what the brand. Today these pens can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes & colours on sale from a number of companies.

Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Zebra offer a large range of writing implements including the Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Pen. These pens have a medium 1.0mm nib & are available with black, blue & red ink.

I always find I need to put in a little more effort when using ballpoints as opposed to a rollerball for instance. Having said that this retractable ballpoint did leave a smooth line on the page without smudges or snails trails. I put a red ink Jimnie through its paces & I initially felt it was a little faint in colour, then I had to remind myself its a ballpoint & doesn't have some of the advantages that gel & rollerball pens offer that give some of the vibrant & dense results.

The rubber grip section on the Jimnie was a favourable feature, as was the retractable tip, these are always popular with me as there's no cap to lose & I like the distraction of clicking the nib back & forth. The translucent barrel provides a window to the ink level, when on its last legs you can pop in a Zebra K refill.

Well that's my take, a well performing ballpoint but I'm still going to take some convincing to drop a rollerball from the number one spot.

Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Pen Written Review Zebra Jimnie Retractable Ballpoint Pen Written Review

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