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You Will Never Guess What the Postman brought us Today!

At Tiger Pens were all busy working away when the postman arrived with today’s post at about 9:30am. There is nothing unusual in that as he is a reliable chap who you could nearly set your watch to.

However today he brought us an unexpected parcel containing a Duracell Ultra Globetrotter Bunny. At first this was a bit of a mystery as to why we had received it as nobody knew anything about it.

Further investigation revealed that Duracell had sent it to us as part of a promotion due to the number of batteries we had purchased from them. We were not aware of the promotion when we ordered the batteries so it was a nice surprise to receive the Duracell Bunny.

The bunny is quite cute so we thought we upload a video of him in action.

As this is a promotion I assume that the Duracell Bunny’s are not for sale but if you would like one I have had a quick search for Duracell Globetrotter Bunny on EBay UK which reveals five for sale.

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