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The World In Pens

● Gizmodo reports that Star Wars fever has reached the pen world with a lightsaber fountain pen from S.T. Dupont that floats on a magnetic platform and retails for more than £16,000. Dupont also offers an X-Wing fountain pen, while Cross has its own line of Star Wars-themed writing instruments.

● The accumulation of discarded pens concerns some students in India, so they've collected nearly 10,000 of them to display and hopefully convince fellow students to cut back, according to The Hindu. (They're trying to promote the use of pens made from paper, instead.)

● The Trail-Gazette profiles the owner of an unusual – and brilliant – business in a small mountain town in Colorado. It's a combination coffee shop/stationer that sells Moleskine notebooks and Retro 51 pens, among others, along with its cups of coffee.

● Read It, Daddy takes up the Finish the Scribble challenge and encourages everyone, even the artistically uninclined, to try some off-the-cuff doodling as a way to spark creativity in other areas.

● A mechanical fountain pen that combines a writing instrument with fine watch mechanics costs US$105,000 and Bloomberg Business finds the whole thing just a bit crazy. (Great photos, though.)

● The Times of India takes advantage of the recent handwriting celebration in the US to wax nostalgic about putting pen to paper, including this truism from an interviewee: "There is no recall value for the messages that you send online."

● An artist follows through on her vow to draw a doodle a day for a year, and she ends up with a small gallery showing for her efforts, according to this profile in the Times Record News.

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