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The World In Pens

● Lamy's introduced a new high-end pen range – imporium – and the Naples Daily News highlights a Florida stationer that is one of only 12 in the US to carry the pens.

● BlogHer joins the adult coloring craze with a few useful tips on getting into the habit, including one common-sense bit of advice that works: Keep your coloring book where you can see it and be reminded to use it.

● ITV reports on a London artist who is collecting articles of clothing and stories about the owners for an installation project that mixes handwriting and hand-stitching. When finished, the Stitch Lives of London will feature 215 garments with the owners' handwritten stories stitched into them.

● Because Saturday was National Handwriting Day in the US, the New York Public Library shares some of the more interesting handwriting samples from its archives. Apparently, Herbert Hoover doodled like a crazy person.

● A pen that uses algae for ink can write invisible messages that appear after a few days of exposure to sunlight, and the Daily Mail says donors who helped fund the pens on Kickstarter should start receiving them by summer.

● The Tehran Times details how Iranian calligraphers are working to get nastaliq, a form of Persian script, onto UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

● New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is displaying the works of Matthias Buchinger, an armless and legless 18th century artist famous for his micro-calligraphy. Among the collection: A portrait of Britain's Queen Anne with three chapters of the Bible hidden in her hair, according to The Art Newspaper.

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