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Winner Of The Tiger Pens December 2013 Giveaway!

There is a winner!

Our secret guest picker, NYC literary agent Janet Reid, has put all 430 entries through the random number generator, and one emerged victorious...

Page 1, No. 272...David Sexton!

Congratulations, David, you will now wield a beautiful, shiny new gold Pilot MR gel pen. Use it with pride, and feel free to (tastefully) flash it about. After all, the MR is a writing instrument that was made to be seen.


You also will receive a special handwritten note of advice from our secret guest. If you've ever fancied yourself a writer and dreamed of seeing your work in the front window of a book shop, heed her words carefully.

Janet is a top-notch literary agent with a strong stable of writers that includes Steve Ulfelder, author of Edgar-nominated Purgatory Chasm, and Robin Becker, whose Brains: A Zombie Memoir has been recommended by everyone from Publishers Weekly to Charlaine Harris.

For the last nine years, Janet has been giving tough love and advice to writers on her blog and on QueryShark, where she explains in biting detail exactly how to land an agent and hopefully get published.

David, be sure to claim your prize as quick as you can, so it will reach you before Christmas.

Just leave a comment below and use the 'Contact' link above to send us your mailing address, and we'll get it on its way.

Thanks to everyone for entering and Merry Christmas to all of our loyal readers! We look forward to another great year of exciting giveaways and more mystery guests in the arts, education and pens in 2014!

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