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Win an OHTO Tasche Ballpoint in the Tiger Pens Essay Contest!

OK, pen people, grab yourselves some tea, a notepad and your favorite pen, because we're doing something different with this month's giveaway.

This is an essay contest.

That's right, we want you to put pen to paper and tell us a little story. Make it a good one, full of charm and wit and nostalgia and general holiday spirit.

The topic: "The First Pen I Ever Received as a Gift."

Whether it was from a family member, a friend, a boss, or even yourself, describe the first time you were treated to a nice pen. Tell us about the occasion, the gifter, the pen and what it meant to you. What did you use the pen for? Why did you treasure it (or not)? What happened to it?

If yours is the winning essay, you're going to get another pen as a gift. This time, from us – an OHTO Tasche ballpoint pen in the colour of your choice.

We'll be judging based on the neatness of the handwriting and the content of the essay – whether it moves us, inspires us, entertains us.

The prose doesn't have to be masterful, so don't worry, even if you don't consider yourself a great writer, you can still enter. Just sit down and tell us a story, just the same as if you were telling it to someone across a table.

To enter, hand write your essay, scan it or take a photo of it (make sure it's readable), and email it to us at the 'Contact' link at the top of the page. Please be sure your name and email address are visible at the bottom of your essay.

You can also send in a photo of the pen, if you still have it, but that's not required and won't be part of the judging.

The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 16. The winner will be announced on Dec. 20, and the winning essay will be posted on the blog.

Good luck to go get started!

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