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What Pens are Around Your Office?

Your Tiger Pens blogger has been taking a lot of notes lately, so this morning I decided to inventory my pen supply. Here is what I found:

On the desk: A silver and black Bic XXL with foam grip. Tip slightly chewed by cats. Pen is at least six months old and still going strong (although the ink tends to clump occasionally).

Bic XXl

In the desk drawer: A metallic maroon Paper Mate Phd. Good pen, comfortable to use, although not crazy about the triangular grip. Ran out of ink a few months ago and got tossed into a drawer to await an eventual refill.

In the cardboard box on the bookshelf:

  • A clear Pentel RSVP. Fine writer, but hardly used because the body is too thin for my tastes.
  • Two black Bic Soft Feels. Adequate writing pens, way too thin, but the body lives up the billing. They do feel quite soft.
  • A black RoseArt pen. Not sure of the model. Almost as thin as a drinking straw. Seems like an adequate writer, but very uncomfortable to use.
    • A greyish-white Uni-ball Vision Elite. Very smooth writing experience with a bold .8mm rollerball. But thin, as usual with stick pens – and for some reason, gets even narrower at the grip.

Uni-Ball Vision Elite

But the most interesting find was in the center console of my car. I don’t remember where it came from –think I nicked it from someone – but it has to have been there a couple of months.

What was it?

A black Pilot G2 Mini. Funny thing is, I’ve paid absolutely no attention to what kind of pen it is, but remember thinking on several occasions when I’ve used it that it is the best writing pen of the lot, despite the tiny size.

Pilot G2 Mini

How about you, readers? What kind of pens do you have on your desk, in your office and anywhere else you keep them?

2 thoughts on “What Pens are Around Your Office?”

  • Russell Turns

    I have a tub of sharpies, typical sharpies, with a few fine points thrown in as well. For writing, I use a TUL clickable medium point pen. This has replaced the G2 as my favorite pen aside from a couple of fountain pens which are impractical to carry around.

    • TonyB

      I've never tried Sharpie pens, but I keep hearing so many good things about them, I'm going to have to buy some. While I typically prefer plain ballpoint to bolder inks, I can imagine they would be quite handy for making notes that need to stand out.

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