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What is Your Favourite Pen?

What makes for a favourite pen, one of those that you’ll guard jealously and use often for years and years? Is it a comfortable grip, a smooth writing experience, brilliant colours, a sexy shape? Maybe all of the above?

Whatever it is, we each have that one pen that is just right for us, that fits our hand perfectly, that makes clean, beautiful lines and turns our handwriting into a work of art (at least in our own eyes). Well, some have that pen, anyway, and some are still searching.

Here at the Tiger Pens blog, we’re always interested in favourite pens.

Lamy SafariThat’s why this great post at Lifehacker, showcasing readers’ favourite pens, caught our eyes recently.

Not surprisingly, fountain pens were well-represented on the list, from the Lamy Safari to the Namiki Yukari. Also included:

That got us wondering about our favourites around here, so we took a quick poll of the Tiger Pens team to find out what we’re using and why. This is what everyone had to say:

Bob, accounts and administration

Uses a Sheaffer NoNonsense fountain pen that he has had for more than a dozen years. He says it’s “very comfortable to hold and the nib suits my writing style.” Bob uses it for all of his everyday tasks and when he wants to impress. Unfortunately, Sheaffer no longer makes the old-style NoNonsense, so if anything ever happened to his pen, he’d have to go searching for a new one on eBay.

Alex, webmaster

Writes with a Sharpie Pen that he bought just a few weeks after they were first released. He said, “It can write on literally anything, how much cooler can you get? Its portable and guaranteed to work!” His Sharpie gets put to use for “anything that comes in my mind then and there, from jotting down a quick note on the go (it’s attached to my keys) to marking a wall where it needs to be drilled.”

Sharpie Pen

Pete, managing director

Totally old-school with a vintage Parker 51 from the 1950’s that he’s had for about four months. He loves his Parker because, “It is the first fountain pen that I have bought, and I believe that it makes my letters appear more personal when written using my fountain pen.” Pete uses his mostly for writing and signing letters. If he ever lost it, Pete says he wouldn’t “cry over spilt milk” and might try a Pilot Vanishing Point instead because he's heard they're good pens, and he likes that they're retractable.

TonyB, blogger

That’s me. I use a Bic XXL that I’ve had for six months to a year (I can’t remember when I got it, but as with most of my pens, I suspect it was nicked from someone else). The pen simply is the most comfortable I’ve ever come across because the barrel is thick and round, and the grip is a nice, soft cushion of foam. I use it for everything, from taking notes to making grocery lists. Unfortunately, it’s not a smooth writer (actually kind of scratchy) so I’m still on the lookout for a favourite pen. In the meantime, I’m trying out my new UGLee Pen as a replacement desk pen.


UGLee Pen

What about you? What is your favourite pen and why? Let us know, and be sure to include a good description, or a photo if you can, and we may feature it in a future article.

3 thoughts on “What is Your Favourite Pen?”

  • Julie aka Okami

    I have too many to choose from, but if I were to go to one pen first, it would probably be my Pelikan M205 with the stub nib.

    You can see all my pens on my blog. I have a Featured Pens post tha I am doing on a weekly basis, each post is of a pen that I own and enjoy using.

  • Mary Garavaglia
    Mary Garavaglia October 9, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    My favorite pen is a Parker51 with a medium nib that I've been writing with for about 30 years. It is a beautiful writer...smooth like butter and makes writing effortless. Since I do a tremendous amount of writing in my work, this is important. I would be heartbroken if I ever lost it.

  • TonyB

    Everyone loves fountain pens...I guess I've got to try one. I feel like such a heathen for liking plain old ballpoints and rollerballs.

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