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Want to De-Stress? Try a Spot of Colouring

Whenever I travel on public transport I expect to see fellow passengers with their noses in a book or fiddling with their phones. Until recently if I'd seen someone over the age of about 10 doodling in a colouring book it would have been cause for a double take.


It seems however that it's become a pastime of choice in parts of Europe. In France sales of adult colouring books is said to have surpassed that of cookery books.

Psychologists have been using Art Therapy for years, we had Pioneers here in the UK back in the 40's & 50's, so what's all the fuss about now I ask myself. I can only guess the current popularity is just a case of trends going full circle. Whatever the reason interest is definitely growing.

Whether or not we want to regress into childhood, it's worth noting that there are benefits to be had from colouring

  • De-stress – Whilst getting out the colouring book won't help with the housework or stop the bills falling through the letter box, it can help you to forget your problems for a while. It can also give you a chance to re-focus your mind.
  • Maintain a sharp mind – Colouring requires hand-eye co-ordination, developing this can help your reaction times.
  • Relaxation – By releasing tension you can get your mind back on an even keel.

Psychologist Antoni Martinez recommends colouring saying we can use it “to connect with how we feel since depending on our mood we choose different colors or intensity”


Art gives you a chance to express and release your feelings not matter how skilled you are, so the next time you need to unwind why not pick up some Colouring Pens & give it a go?

Beats going to the gym. You can take your pick of books, from cartoons, to animals or intricate designs, alternatively just make up your own as you go along

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