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Vintage and Modern Writing Instruments Auction – February 22nd 2011

Coming up this week in Los Angeles is antidote to the current recession when Bonhams, the renowned auction house hold a significant sale of vintage fountain pens. The sale consists of approximately 276 items, some a century old.

The company has had a lot of success in the past few with its sales of modern limited edition pens mainly of the Montblanc brand. A collection of pens owned by one person sold in 2009  raised about $1m whilst another sale of 129 pens last year raised close to $750,000. So it is clear that the demand for quality vintage pens is hitting new heights as collecting gains popularity. In this latest sale, the pens come from what is deemed the golden age of fountain pen collecting in the inter-war years. Although prices are expected to only be in the hundreds for many of the pens, there will always be exceptions as proved in the 2009 sale when a Montblanc Black Widow edition went for about $35,000.

Parker 1905 Lucky Curve

Parker 1905 Lucky Curve

In the forthcoming sale, there are a couple of offerings that will catch the eye. The first is a 1905 Parker “Lucky Curve” that is expected to hit a price of between $6,000 and $8,000. The pen is in a virtually unused condition despite being about 106 years old. It features a gold filled snake design around the barrel and cap.

Pilot 1930 Maki-e

Pilot 1930's Maki-e Fountain Pen

Also of interest will be two examples 1930s Pilot pens decorated in the Japanese Maki-e lacquer technique that are valued at about  $5,000-$7,000.

So it's time to look down the sofa for any misplaced cash and head for the City of Angels for the sale that takes place on the 22nd February. If you want to see more , take a look at the catalogue online at www. We will keep a look out for the results of the sale and update you on what went in the not too distant future.

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