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Uniball VISION Blog – Something Out of the Ordinary

Like most of you, we try to keep up with the blog and web activities of our favorite pen makers, but somehow we've managed to miss – until now – an intriguing project that Uniball is running online.

The Vision blog isn't what you might expect from the company that makes some of the best gels and rollerballs in the world.

The blog isn't really about pens, even though it's named for a range of Uniball pen. Not exactly, anyway.

Visionaries are the people we at uni-ball choose to celebrate. Those featured on Vision are the people making things happen –they are making upgrades and advancements in ways both big and small. In an industry where you cross paths with so many fascinating people, we’ve built a blog to showcase these livewires so that you too may be inspired to push yourself toward advancement and higher thinking. In addition to visionaries; new products, technology, uni-ball news and all around greatness is posted here to help you upgrade your daily life and get your creative juices flowing.

A read through the blog reveals everything from career tips to profile of humor writer Mike Sacks.

It's an interesting concept, using a blog that highlights excellence as a way to promote the Vision range of pens. Uniball is trying to trying to give its pens added meaning, making them not just writing instruments, but also symbols of personal and professional achievement.

Even better that the blog actually offers good information, especially for those who aspire to something more than just the workaday world.

We have to applaud Uniball for a good idea, and we're certainly glad we found it.

Give it a read and let us know what you think: Nice move or misfire?

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