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Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB-205 - Review

The vision elite range of pens offer a consistent flow of liquid ink for a smooth writing experience. The unique uni-ball super ink is airplane safe, water resistant & of archival quality.


I have always liked rollerballs, they have been around since the early 60's having been designed to give the convenience of a ballpoint giving the effect of a fountain pen.

Having reviewed its counterpart the UB-200 some while ago I now have a Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB-205 poised as I prepare to put pen to paper to write an old fashioned letter.

This pen has a hard black plastic barrel, matching the ink colour. The transparent textured grip is handy for keeping an eye on the ink level. The well fitted cap has been designed to avoid a child choking & has a colour coded section to identify the ink & snaps on nicely. There are a series of three oval shapes on the metal clip which although sturdy I didn't find it very flexible making it difficult when I wanted to attach it to my notepad.

My writing experience was positive, the 0.5 tip writes a fine 0.4mm line & the Super Ink lived up to my expectations having read that the science behind it means it's

  • Fade resistant - ensures long lasting colour that doesn't fade over time even in bright sunlight
  • Resists Solvents making it tamper proof & providing security against document fraud
  • Quick drying – due to low viscosity means risk of smudging is reduced
  • Smooth fast, fatigue free writing – as the ink delivery system lubricates the rolling ball as well as putting ink on the page
  • Airplane Safe – no risk of leaks during changes of pressure in-flight

As I came to the end of my rather long letter I didn't have any of the aches or pains sometimes experience after gripping a pen too tightly, the writing was smooth & relatively tidy for me, although it was written at some speed. This leads me to the decision to leave this particular Uni-ball well within my vision ready & waiting for my next writing session.


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