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Uni-Ball Signo Premier 207 - Review

The Uni-Ball Signo Premier is marketed as a high end gel pen.  Having previously reviewed the Signo RT UMN I was interested to know what the difference was & set out to try to find out just what it is that gives the Signo Premier that touch of class.

Uni Signo 207 PremierThe UNM 207 family feature Uni-Ball's unique Super Ink.  This is a waterproof gel ink that is also fade resistant, well suited to authors of legal documents, the writing of cheques & any other important documents that may be susceptible to fraudsters set on tampering their way into other people's belongings.  This is also a useful feature for those amongst us that are not always as careful as we could be when it comes to splashes & spills on the desk, due to its waterproof properties.

The blue/grey barrel (also available in silver & gold) has a metallic effect finish that meets a fairly long white pearlescent grip section.  Made from a super squishy gel rubber, this provides a spongy feel in my grip.  It's claimed that this has been ergonomically designed to facilitate long periods of fatigue free writing.  The body appears to be split into 3 sections.  The grip & metallic part of the barrel is separated by a bright chrome coloured ring that is stamped with the company logo, the nib housing has the same shiny finish, giving this premier pen a classy look in a shabby chic kind of way.  The pocket clip sits well on the barrel & the elongated oval shape makes it stand out in a crowd of standard straight clips.

These Uni-Ball Signo Premier pens are supplied with a medium 0.7mm black cartridge & they write a 0.4mm line.   If you prefer a broad or a fine tip on your pen you may want to consider the UMR-80 or 85 refill.

As I see it the main difference of the Premier is the grip section.  I found it to be comfortable to hold but it appears that this has received some negative feedback.

When it comes down to storing our pens, some choose to stow away in a laptop bag or holdall, whilst others use a plain old pocket.  Some users have reported that the gel grip picks up all sorts of unwanted particles including dust & lint.

I make no secret of the fact that I am an animal lover with an a special affinity for dogs.  With the help of a 4 legged friend, I tested the stickability factor by rubbing the pen over his short dark brown coat.  My Signo Premier came away with a fur coat all of its own.  In contrast to other users that had similar issues, for me the problem was soon resolved.  I found a damp cloth was the answer, a few rubs later & not a trace of hair to be seen.   The experience of other users is to use pure alcohol, it evaporates quickly without leaving any residue.

My take on the Uni-Ball Signo Premier is that its an attractive looking pen, has all the qualities of the Signo UMN 207 with a different grip.  Is it worth the higher price tag? I'm not sure it is.

Uni Premier Written Review

Uni Premier Written Review

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