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Uni-ball Grip UB 247 Rollerball Pen Review

From a company whose name is derived from the word unique I'm going to take the Uni-Ball Grip (UB-247) through its paces to see if it is a one off.Uniball UB-247 Rollerball PenThe Uni-Ball Grip has a 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball, blue metallic effect plastic barrel with a grey rubberised grip section.  The grip has a row of small blue circles above the Uni logo which I think gives a classic pen a contemporary twist & adds a little interest.

Whilst I find some of the finer tipped pens scratchy, the Uni-ball UB-247 proved to be effortless to use.  The hardwearing tungsten ball writes a 0.5mm line & the text it produced was relatively neat, even by my standards.  I also liked the shade of blue ink & found it to be well matched to the barrel.  The Super Ink, a trademark of Uni-Ball, has the benefits of being light & fade resistant as well as being waterproof, all useful characteristics for those that need to protect themselves against cheque & document tampering.

Although I found the Uni Grip comfortable to hold, it appeared shorter than the average pen somehow.  I'm not sure why this would be as with the cap posted, which is how I always use a pen, it is 6 inches long.  I'll have to put it down to an optical illusion.

So did I discover anything that made the Uni-Ball Grip a one off?

Well it looks sleek & performed well, I hadn't expected anything less coming from such a large player in the rollerball market.  The Super Ink TM, is a pigment ink exclusive to Uni-Ball & the grip section is said to have been uniquely designed, therefore technically speaking, for these reasons alone I'd have to say the answer to that question is yes.

Uni-ball Grip UB-247 Rollerball Pen Written Review

Uni-ball Grip UB-247 Rollerball Pen Written Review


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