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Tiger Pens Online Store Now Open

Today we are delighted to announce that the Tiger Pens store is now open!

It has taken a few months to arrive but now we are here and looking forward to welcoming customers to our huge range of pens and pencils, a range that will continue to grow over the coming weeks.

A closer look at the store will show that we are currently stocking the complete ranges from Pilot UK and Uni-Ball together with a selection from other leading brands such as Pentel and Berol. You will also find the excellent markers from Sharpie as well as Edding specialist pens and markers.

Our range also includes the worlds favourite higlighters which are of course Stabilio Highlighters they were first made in 1972 and still one of the best around. Over the next few weeks the store will grow to include the complete range from all of the leading manufacturers including Paper Mate, Staedtler and Zebra .

Having arrived, it is worthwhile telling why we are here and what we hope to achieve with the store. Like so many people we have bought pens and pencils for years but have been frustrated by the times we needed a particular model for a job and could not find it at the local stationery store. Have you found a Kura Toga pencil widely available? Thought not – most shop assistants think it’s a martial art! Similarly, if you look at what is on offer from the main online office product and stationery retailers, it is quite easy to get a red, blue or black pen or if you are an auditor, a green pen but apart from that you have no chance of getting that brown or violet version that you need. On top of that, most of these companies require you to buy a box of ten or twelve!

We decided that the rules of selling pens and pencils needed to change and that is why we are here. Our intention is to ensure that whatever colour or model of pen or pencil you the customer wanted, we would make it available and at an unbeatable price and not only in a box of twelve. If you want a single pen, then feel free to buy a single pen.

Like any new store, you might find a few gaps as we grow, but if you want something that is not on display currently, please contact us and we will do all we can to find that product for you. As the shop grows, more ranges will be added as well as fountain pens, ink and the odd notebook or two maybe.

So, welcome to Tiger Pens store, do take a look.

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