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Tiger Pens Gold Medal Giveaway!

Britain gave an outstanding performance in this summer's Olympic games, winning an amazing 29 gold medals, and we'd like to celebrate with our UK fans.

How? By giving away 10 triple-packs of Zebra Z-Grip Union Jack pens to mark the occasion.

For a chance to win, post a comment below telling us which medalist you liked best this summer. On Saturday, we'll randomly select 10 entries to win Union Jack triple packs.

Please, only UK residents for this contest. Don't worry, all of our fans will get to participate in the regular Tiger Pens monthly giveaway that begins next week.

We offer thanks and congratulations to all the fine athletes who participated in the summer games, and a special cheer to Britain's medal winners...all 65 of you! You've made us proud!

For more on Britain's success in the 2012 London Olympics, check out the BBC's wrap-up.

Good luck to all in the giveaway!

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