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The Winner of the Tiger Pens Essay Contest...

Over the last few weeks, we've received some impressive entries in the Tiger Pens essay contest.

There were stories of lost loves, broken friendships, and classroom bonds, all connected by the common thread of first pens given and cherished. We asked you to move us, to make us laugh, to inspire us, and each of you did.

It was no easy choice selecting a winner. But, after repeated readings and much thought, we kept returning to one neatly printed essay.

The piece came to us from Keily, who told the story of how a Parker Jotter given to her by a teacher helped her cope with the death of her mother. A sad tale, but also a hopeful one about the way small memories keep us going.

Please take a few moments to read it.

Keily, thank you very much for submitting your essay. You will receive an OHTO Tasche ballpoint pen in the color of your choice. We hope that this pen will mark another positive moment for you.

A huge thanks to everyone who entered. We deeply appreciate the stories you chose to share about your first gift pens, and enjoyed each and every one.

If you didn't win a pen this month, no worries...we'll be back next month with another great giveaway.

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