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The Pen and Paper Blog Round-Up: Stuff Worth Reading

We like reading nifty stuff about pens, pencils and, sometimes, paper, so it’s been a good week for us because some of our favourite bloggers posted plenty of interesting titbits to pore over.

pencil talk: We have to start with a salute to the blog dedicated to all things pencil (mechanical and wood-encased). Pencil talk celebrated its fourth anniversary this week – 425 posts! – with a look back at some of the most popular topics over that time.

One that we found particularly interesting was about the Blackfeet Indian Pencil. This was a natural wood-grained varnished pencil produced from the early ’70s through the late ’90s by the Blackfeet Indian Nation. If you were a schoolkid in the States back then, those pencils and Scholastic book club catalogues probably bring back a lot of memories.

If you get a chance, you might want to stop by pencil talk and offer some birthday congratulations.

Pen Addict: Always a good read for the sheer variety of pens reviewed. This week, it was an unfamiliar one, the Kokuyo Fitcurve from Japan.

The Pen Addict was not impressed with the lack of comfort in the hard plastic grip. Of course, regular readers know that comfort is a priority for us when choosing pens, but still we had to give this one points just for looks. We liked the combination of black barrel with blue printing and translucent grip.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Is it a keeper?

Notebook Stories: Another blog we like to follow, great for reviews of journals and stylish notebooks and also the creator of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper.

This week, Notebook Stories linked to an interesting blog post about minimalist living in which a Moleskine notebook made No. 14 on a list of 91 essential personal items. (It came after a belt and before a wallet.)

The list prompted Nifty to ask:

If you had to strip your life down to only owning 100 things, would a notebook be one of them?

Our answer: Absolutely. Writing on the backs of envelopes gets old.

Dave’s Mechanical Pencils: Probably our favourite entry this week didn’t really have much to do with mechanical pencils or even pens, directly.

Dave posted about a nearly century old diary from New Zealand that he won in an auction. The journal was kept by a labourer who hunted his own food and made a special note when he “shot a pig with no ears!”

But the real treat were the ads Dave found inside the journal and posted, including one selling the “Cheapest Shilling Dictionary in the World.”

The ad was for the Southern Cross Dictionary by Whitcombe & Tombs, a 19th century book publisher that eventually became Whitcoulls, the New Zealand bookstore chain. Little found bits of history like that are always cool.

That’s it. Thanks to all the brilliant pen, pencil and paper blogs for a great week!

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