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That's No Sharpie, It's A Survival Tool

pointie tactical markerA 3-week Indiegogo campaign to create a Sharpie look-a-like that serves as a survival tool – but not a marker – more than doubled its funding goal before it ended earlier this month.

The Pointie Tactical Marker looks like a Sharpie knock-off, including using Sharpie-style font for its name, but instead of a marker tip, the point is actually a steel spike.

From the Indiegogo page:

Meet the Pointie: a practical, tactical, concealable self-defense and survival tool. Put simply, it's a hardened stainless steel spike inside of a familiar marker body. The Pointie can be used as a glass breaker, a backwoods hiking tool, and anything in between. Except as a writing utensil. It won't do that.

Pointie maker Martin American Designs set a goal of US$3,500 for the project, but blew past that to take in US$8,595 by March 4.

The Pointie comes in two models, one with an obvious steel spike tip called the Signature and one with a steel tip disguised to look like a marker point, called the Concealed. Both are covered by what appear to be regular marker caps.

During the campaign, the Pointie sold for US$25 with free shipping in the US and international shipping for $5. Backers who spent US$50 or more also received a kydex marker sling by Nack Design. The nifty slings are made to carry actual Sharpies in a pouch that you can clip to key rings or anything else.

While the Pointie has received enthusiastic reviews, I can't imagine that Sanford, the maker of Sharpies, will be all that pleased by a stabbing device that mimics the iconic markers.

Still, it won't be the first product to make a play on the Sharpie name. In fact, it won't even be the first weapon disguised as a marker. There's the Sharkie, now known as the Pocket Shark, and the Tactical Marker, which uses Sharpie refills and exploded some fundraising goals of its own on Kickstarter.


Presumably, Martin plans to continue selling the Pointie, although at a higher retail price. Purchase of the survival tools will be limited to those 18 and older.

Of course, if you're one of those people who see potential attackers lurking in every shadow, you might just stick with an ordinary Sharpie. Apparently, the stainless steel Sharpie pen is recommended as a self-defense tool all by itself.

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