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Zebra Sarasa

  • Gel Pens Didn't Go Away When Tweens Got Over Them In The 90s

    cd0b15d07c4126c760114024a637c470Inevitably, when people start reminiscing about being kids in school in the 90s, they get around to the topic of the gel pen fad. You know, middle-schoolers decorating the covers of their notebooks with squiggly lines and hearts drawn in sparkly, glittery gel ink.

    They wax nostalgic about how all the cool kids in middle school had gel pens, about how fun and exciting they were and how doing homework in bright purple and drawing gel ink tattoos on themselves let them be rebels without, ya know, actually doing anything really crazy.

    But the thing is, they talk about gel pens as if they were nothing more than a passing obsession of childhood and have nothing to do now with adult life. Continue reading

  • Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens With The Aroma Of Lipton Tea

    Zebra Sarasa Lipton Tea pensZebra Pen company has chosen a...unique...way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Zebra Sarasa gel pen.

    The company has teamed up with Lipton tea and released a limited edition set of iced tea-scented Zebra Sarasas. The 10 pens of the set each smell like a different flavor of Lipton available in the Japanese market, including apple tea, caramel tea and milk tea.

    Each scent has its own color ink, ranging from red for the apple tea to light blue for the vanilla tea. The barrels bear the Lipton Tea logo and match the ink color. Other than that, they seem to be regular 0.5mm Sarasa gel pens. Continue reading

  • Which Pen is Better the Zebra Sarasa or the Papermate Gel Silkwriter?

    Battle of the PensThe mechanism of gel pens is similar to that of the ballpoint, the difference is in the ink which gives the advantage of creating a bolder line.   I have put the Zebra Sarasa & Papermate Gel, both 0.7mm in a head to head, here are my findings.

    Zebra Sarasa & Papermate SilkwriterZebra

    Available in a selection of 10 colours, I am putting the fuchsia to the test.  The pen has a smokey grey barrel & nib housing with a bright pink soft grip, end cap & clip.  The transparent barrel allows easy viewing of ink levels.  The Sarasa gel is retractable & although Zebra say it is not refillable, the nib housing can be unscrewed & I swapped with the Papermate, just to test & it worked, therefore I can't see why it can't be recycled. Continue reading

  • Zebra Pen And The College Basketball Invitational

    (UPDATE: We're now giving away free Zebra Union Jack ballpoint pens on orders over £12.95. Check it out!)

    We've been getting a laugh at the response from people on Twitter to the start of this week's College Basketball Invitational.

    The basketball tournament – presented as an alternative for teams that didn't make it into March Madness – is sponsored by Zebra Pen in the US, where Zebra is not as well-known a name as, say, Pilot.

    The general reaction to Zebra's sponsorship of the CBI has been like this one, from @twittsburgh: "...I seriously thought it was an animal pen."

    OK, so for those of you who are curious, Zebra Pen is exactly what it sounds like, a company that makes ink pens, and quite good ones, at that. And yes, a few, but not nearly all, of the pens are striped. Continue reading

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