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  • Uniball Advances With Signo TSI Erasable Ink Pens

    signo tsiI'll admit it, when it comes to erasable ink pens, I never much liked the now 5-year-old Uniball Fanthom.

    The ink seemed a little washed out and it never quite erased all the way. Simply put, there were other pens that did it better than Uniball.

    Now? Not so much.

    Uniball has stepped up its game in a big way with the recent introduction in the UK of the Uniball Signo TSI. It's an erasable pen that looks better, handles better and erases much, much better than the Fanthom. Continue reading

  • Elections And Disappearing Ink Pens

    wile e coyoteApparently, Wile E. Coyote has gotten into international politics.

    That can be the only explanation for a rash of reports the last couple of years about tricksters smuggling "disappearing ink pens" into polling places around the world from Russia to Maldives.

    I am totally not making this up.

    At first glance, I thought maybe it was the ink pens that were disappearing. Everyone knows we have a global pen thief problem. But no, the reports are about actual pens filled with disappearing ink. The story is that voters use the pens to mark their ballots, and then their vote quickly fades away. Continue reading

  • Winner of the Tiger Pens August Uniball Fanthom Giveaway

    Arisu, No. 17, congratulations, you've won an 8-pack of Uniball Fanthom erasable gel pens!

    To claim your prize, leave a comment below and use the 'Contact' link above to send us your delivery info. We'll get your new erasable pens right out to you.

    Thanks to everyone else who entered and remember, Tiger Pens holds a giveaway every month, so your next chance to win is coming up again in just a couple of weeks!

    Good luck!

  • Tiger Pens August Giveaway – Uniball Fanthom Erasable Pens

    It's back-to-school time, so what better to give away this month than some fun and colorful erasable pens?

    Our winner will receive an 8-pack of Uniball Fanthom pens containing two blue, two black, one red, one green, one pink and one violet pen.

    To enter, leave a comment below between now and next Friday, Aug. 31. We'll randomly select one winner from the entries. And we'll ship internationally, so anyone can enter.

    Don't wait, get your name in now!

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