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  • The Best Pens For Left-Handed People in 2018

    Lefties, we know you have it rough when it comes to finding good pens, since most of them are designed to be used by right-handers.

    A typical right-handed person using a pen pulls it toward the right in a smooth motion, leaving a line of fresh ink untouched behind the writing hand.

    A left-handed person has to push the pen from left to right. That requires the writer to press harder on the pen, which can be uncomfortable and can force the paper to foul the writing tip. Meanwhile, the writing hand drags over the ink and smudges it.

    Obviously, then, the two most important qualities in a pen for left-handed people is that the ink dries quickly and that it flows as smoothly as possible. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite pens for left-handers to consider.

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  • Uni-ball Signo TSI Erasable Pens – Half price Offer

    We have a fantastic half price introductory offer on Uni-ball Signo TSI erasable pens - these are available in 7 vibrant colours.

    Uni-Ball TSI Half Price Itroductory Offer

  • Uni-Ball Eye UB-157 Promotion 2015

    Uni-Ball Eye rollerball Pens

    At Tiger Pens we all like a freebie as much as anyone else and we have lined up a great promotion for you on the Uni-ball Eye UB-157 rollerball pen.

    Click Here to try one for only 10p with the discount code UNIEYE10 while stocks last.

    Ok it’s not quite free but the RRP is £2.79 and we sell them out normally on Tiger Pens for the great low price of £2.34 each.

    UB-157 Rollerball Pen

    The Uni-ball Eye range of rollerball pens are the UK’s best selling rollerball pen but what makes them so popular?

    If you have not tried one before then the answer is simple they are a smooth writing rollerball pen with a consistent ink flow that has Uni Super Ink Technology. Actually smooth writing is a bit of an understatement they write really, really smoothly.

    Uni Super Ink Technology is a very special type of ink that is fade resistant, water resistant & tamper proof.

    The Uni-ball Eye range of rollerball pens recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and you can check out the full range in the Tiger Pens Store.

  • Uni-Ball Signo UM-120 Gel Ink Pen 0.7mm - Review

    Since uni-ball engineers designed the first metal tipped rollerball in 1979 they have continued to produce high quality writing instruments to meet all requirements.

    I usually opt for a retractable pen, as much for the clickability factor as convenience, but the Uni-ball Signo UM120 Gel Ink Pen is awaiting a review so I'll see how it fares.


    This stick pen contains uni's renowned Super Ink, well known for its resistance to water, fading & chemicals making it tamper proof so not a popular choice with fraudsters. I found this smooth ink to be quick drying with not a smudge in sight unlike some gels, neither did it bleed through the page.

    The Signo UM120 is available in 8 different colours including a vivid orange, pink & this light blue one I'm putting through its paces. The caps & end stoppers are colour coded with the ink & although the transparent barrel on mine seems to reveal a darker blue the end cap proves an accurate guide.

    Having noted the 0.7 displayed on the cap I expected a medium tip to write a wider line, but wasn't at all disappointed by the writing experience. This Signo was very light & fairly comfortable to hold even though it doesn't have my preferred rubber grip. The slight step between the silver nose & raised area on the top section of the barrel did prevent my fingers slipping, having said that I'm not sure how long it would be before I tired being conscious that I needed to exert more pressure than I would with a more defined grip.

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  • Uni-ball Insight UB-211 Rollerball Pen 0.7mm - Review

    On a dark grey day picking up a bright pink pen was no great hardship, although putting pen to paper & producing an interesting read to an old friend proved a little more difficult so I decided to write this review instead.


    The pen in hand is a Uni-ball Insight UB-211 Rollerball in wine, the 0.7mm tip writes a fine 0.5mm line & its available in 6 colourful shades.

    The barrel is colour coded with the ink & has a transparent grip section & window down the full length of the pen which oddly I've seen referred to as an inkometer. Whilst useful for keeping an eye on the ink level this pen is refillable so there's no reason to worry about running out mid sentence. On the subject of the refills, they are pretty much the entire pen, when replacing them all that remains of the original is the cap & sleeve below the (non existent) grip which doesn't seem very eco friendly, so can't second guess Uni-ball's reasoning there. I can't say the Insight has much of a grip either, all that prevents my fingers slipping is the ledge leading to the tungsten carbide ball. The cap is pink & has a fairly firm pocket clip with black edging.

    As for the writing experience it proved to be as smooth as expected with all the benefits of Super ink with its outstanding resistance to light, water & chemicals, you can be sure that anything you sign your name to will remain secure. This rollerball also has the Uni-flow ink system regulating a steady flow of liquid ink which delivered a bright pink line on the page & although it appeared wet it didn't smudge. There was no blobbing or skipping & it didn't bleed through the paper.

    So to conclude on the positive side the Uni Insight didn't skip, there was no blobbing & the ink stands out on paper. The downside for me was the lack of grip, which did cause a little strain after a while also the refills replacing almost half of the pen, in fact given the price of this Insight I probably wouldn't bother.

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  • Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB-205 - Review

    The vision elite range of pens offer a consistent flow of liquid ink for a smooth writing experience. The unique uni-ball super ink is airplane safe, water resistant & of archival quality.


    I have always liked rollerballs, they have been around since the early 60's having been designed to give the convenience of a ballpoint giving the effect of a fountain pen.

    Having reviewed its counterpart the UB-200 some while ago I now have a Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB-205 poised as I prepare to put pen to paper to write an old fashioned letter.

    This pen has a hard black plastic barrel, matching the ink colour. The transparent textured grip is handy for keeping an eye on the ink level. The well fitted cap has been designed to avoid a child choking & has a colour coded section to identify the ink & snaps on nicely. There are a series of three oval shapes on the metal clip which although sturdy I didn't find it very flexible making it difficult when I wanted to attach it to my notepad.

    My writing experience was positive, the 0.5 tip writes a fine 0.4mm line & the Super Ink lived up to my expectations having read that the science behind it means it's

    • Fade resistant - ensures long lasting colour that doesn't fade over time even in bright sunlight
    • Resists Solvents making it tamper proof & providing security against document fraud
    • Quick drying – due to low viscosity means risk of smudging is reduced
    • Smooth fast, fatigue free writing – as the ink delivery system lubricates the rolling ball as well as putting ink on the page
    • Airplane Safe – no risk of leaks during changes of pressure in-flight

    As I came to the end of my rather long letter I didn't have any of the aches or pains sometimes experience after gripping a pen too tightly, the writing was smooth & relatively tidy for me, although it was written at some speed. This leads me to the decision to leave this particular Uni-ball well within my vision ready & waiting for my next writing session.


  • Uni-ball Signo Gel Stick UM-170 – Review

    Gel ink pens haven't been around as long as many of their counterparts but they do have their advantages. They offer a larger range of colours & can provide fluorescent & metallic shades that are visible on darker surfaces.

    Uni-ball- Signo Gel Stick UM-170 - Review

    The Uni-ball Signo Gel Stick UM-170 contains Uni's unique Super Ink, this pigment ink is tamper proof & resistant to fading & water, once the ink is dry it can't be removed.

    This simple yet stylish looking gel pen has a 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball that writes a 0.4mm line. Available in 8 different colours, I can personally vouch for the pink, the super ink is as vibrant as the plastic barrel. It is an everyday pen, but makes a refreshing change from using your conventional black or blue ink when you want to add a little colour to the notebook.

    I generally like to post the cap on my pen as I write, but in this instance chose to leave it on the desk as clasping this pen brought back memories of standing on the oche at a darts match preparing to aim for the score of my dreams & subconsciously started practising my aim, getting ready to launch at the imaginary dart board to the left of my monitor.

    Overall this Uni-ball gel ink pen proved to be a smooth writer that could be equally useful in the home, classroom or workplace, most of the time. Apparently the disadvantage of some gel pens is that they can tend to skip & don't write so well on shiny surfaces, I found this to be the case on some paper & whilst the ink did stand out on a dark page the colour changed (as can be seen in the written example) so something to think about if you have a particular task in mind.

    All in all a positive review, an easy going pen that was comfy to use & would brighten up any page, however dull the content.

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  • Uni-ball Signo UM120-SP Sparkling Silver Gel Ink Pen Review

    People have collected labels, newspaper clippings & greetings card for generations, the tradition of scrap booking is said by some to go right back to the seventeenth century.

    Uni-Ball-UM-120SP Gel Ink Pen

    Today you can find a huge number of tools, pens & markers for arts & crafts. As you would expect from a leading manufacturer for well over a century, Uni-ball offer a number of markers & pens including the Signo UM-120 SP, a gel rollerball that is available in a range of 8 different sparkling colours.

    These pens contain a pigment ink that is waterproof & fadeproof writing a smooth line. The medium tip is tungsten carbide making for a durable & solid writing experience, although I found myself having to re-do some of the text exuded from the silver ink pen as it was sometimes difficult to see, even on dark paper. The Uni-ball Signo UM-120 is also available in sparkling gold, orange, blue, green, pink, red & violet. I didn't have any of these to hand but its very likely that this issue won't affect them in the same way.

    Members of the Arts & Crafts movement established in 1888, had to content themselves with brightly coloured wallpapers & the like to fill their albums, in 2014 we are spoilt for choice when it comes to creative pursuits.

    If you are anything like Mark Twain, apparently an avid fan of scrap booking, such was his addiction to the pastime he dedicated Sundays to the hobby, you may well be adding this sparking gel pen to your collection.

  • Uni-ball Fanthom Erasable Pen 0.7mm Tip - Review

    There are several erasable pens on the market. They are not something I have had cause to use often, preferring to use a pencil if I think I may need to erase my writing. However, I have the opportunity to review a Uni-ball Fanthom Erasable Pen, let's see how I get on.

    Uni-Ball Fanthom Erasable Ballpoint

    These rollerballs have heat sensitive liquid ink which turns clear as heat is applied. This means your errors can be erased by using the cap. I found this a little confusing to start with expecting to find the eraser under the cap, but at least you can leave the pen posted.

    As for the writing experience, the 0.7mm tip moved smoothly across the page leaving a line of royal blue text, they are also available in black, red, green, violet & pink & are refillable.

    I am a fan of rubberised grip sections, unfortunately the Fanthom doesn't have one. This grip has 2 panels with a series of very slight impressions that I hardly know were there, hence they provided no comfort & couldn't be called anti-slip by any stretch of the imagination.

    Last but not least was the erasability test. I assumed the best results would be from fresh ink but had the same result with text written 15 minutes before. It took quite a workout to remove a sentence, one or two words would be doable but any more I'd be more inclined to bin the page & start again!

    When it came to re-writing I realised the surface of the paper must have been removed during my exerted efforts erasing as the ink slipped a little & when viewed closely it looked different somehow.

    This exercise hasn't changed my opinion, I'll still use a pencil if there's the slightest possibility I'll need to erase. Maybe there is a need amongst students writing essays or taking exams, or maybe I'm just too old to appreciate the novelty factor.

  • Uni Kura Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Review

    I'm probably not the best person to write a review on a mechanical pencil as I just don't do drawing, neither do I have a technical bone in my body, if that makes sense. What I do have however is an interest in writing & anything a little bit different.

    Uni-ball Kur Toga 0.5mm

    So, I'm more than happy to put pencil to paper & write a few lines on the Kura Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm. The first question I want to ask is what does the name mean? Coming from the stable of a Japanese maker in Uni-ball there has to be a clue there surely. Well all I could come up with was that Kura means to turn, which does fit in with Uni-ball's claim that the “exclusive mechanism rotates to help prevent lead breakage” as for Toga, all my mind conjures up is a picture Emperor Claudius.

    Well back to the review, these mechanical pencils are available in a choice of 6 barrel colours & come in a blister pack containing a tube of 12 spare leads. My pencil has a black sleeve, the majority of which is transparent revealing a white internal barrel, this makes the overall appearance a cool smokey grey colour. The pocket clip is black & marked with the logo & lead size.

    Something I'm not too keen on are the ridges just above the tip which form part of the grip section. This is not particularly comfortable & I therefore wouldn't expect the Kura Toga to stand up to a long hard day at the office!

    The automatic rotation of the lead is unique, this feature means you don't need to alter your grip to prevent the line getting wider & creating a chisel effect as other mechanical pencils do. The end cap also provides cover to a neat little eraser that proved very effective.

    Whilst this pencil will no doubt be popular with those with a need for a mechanical pencil, their appearance for me is pretty basic. If you agree the top of the range Kura Toga Roulette might be of interest.

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