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tiger pens giveaway

  • Winner of the August 2015 Tiger Pens Giveaway!

    We have to give a great big thanks to all who took the time to enter this month's giveaway.

    Lindsey M, you're the randomly selected winner!

    So here's the deal: Send us an email using the contact link on the lower right side of the page, and we'll send you a set of 7 colorful Uniball Signo TSI erasable pens.

    You have a week to claim your prize, so don't delay.

    Thanks again to everyone who put their names in. If you didn't win, you'll get a chance at another nifty prize in just a few weeks.

    Watch the blog for the next Tiger Pens giveaway!

  • Tiger Pens Giveaway: Uniball Signo TSI Erasable Pens

    Uniball Signo TSIGuys, we've got a brilliant one for you this month!

    The Uniball Signo TSI is a high-performing erasable gel pen that became available in the UK this summer and is quickly replacing Uniball's previous offering, the Fanthom.

    They're great pens for drawing or for using in your adult coloring books, or perfect for kids doing their homework.

    Want to try them out? No problem. You'll have a chance to win a pack of 7 Signo TSIs in a range of colors including black, sky blue and violet.

    This month, we're going to try something a little different. To enter, just leave a comment below telling us you're favorite kind of pen. Then we'll randomly select one winner from the entries.

    (While you're here, don't forget to check out our online store and the blog for lots of nifty articles about pens and the things that people do with them. And be sure to tell your friends about Tiger Pens!)

    The contest is open until Aug. 21 to residents of, well, anywhere. We'll announce the name of the winner on the blog Aug. 24.

    One entry per person, please.

    The only way to win is to enter, so make sure to put your name in while there's time. This is one giveaway you don't want to miss out on this summer.

    Good luck to everybody!

  • Winner Of The Tiger Pens July 2015 Giveaway

    Beverly Marsh, it looks like 22 is your lucky number!

    A staggering 543 people entered our giveaway this month for a Chameleon Deluxe 22-pen set. We used the number generator to select a winning number, which belonged to Beverly.

    So happy news for you! You'll soon receive your set of Chameleon color-blending pens.

    To claim the 22-pen set, use the contact link at the bottom right to send us an email with your mailing address. You'll have one week to claim your prize.

    Have fun using your new Chameleon pens!

    Thanks to everyone who entered; you made this month's giveaway a great success!

    Please keep any eye on the Tiger Pens Blog for future giveaways of awesome pens, markers and pencils.

  • Share Your Pen Story, Win Free Pens!

    share your storyLast week on the blog, we told you about Rob and his passion for Platinum Preppy fountain pens.

    Now Tiger Pens Blog wants to hear from you!

    Tell us about your favorite pens, pencils or markers and what you do with them. You can write something up and send it to us (don’t worry about making it perfect; we’ll edit it) or let us interview you for a blog post.

    It’ll give you a chance to share you artwork, your writing and your thoughts with others who get excited about pens. Whether you're an engineer who draws precise diagrams, a shopworker with a hidden talent for handwritten poetry, or a pensioner into the adult coloring craze, you have a pen story to tell.

    We’ll be doing a few profiles each month and everyone we feature on the blog will be entered into a drawing at the end of the year. The prize: a gift voucher with £100 to spend on your favorite pens at Tiger Pens.

    gift card

    To send us your pen story, just click the 'contact us' link on the bottom right side of the page.

    Please include your name and a little about yourself, such as what you do for a living and where you're from. If you'd rather be interviewed, let us know and we'll email you some questions.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Tiger Pens Giveaway: Chameleon Pens

    It's time to give away another set of pens, and this month, we're going with one of our new favorites.

    One randomly selected person will win a Chameleon Deluxe 22-pen set.

    The Chamelon pen is a marker pen with a unique mixing chamber in the barrel that allows you to easily create color gradations as you draw. By diluting the color at the tip and gaining color intensity as the ink flows down, you can change shades on the go, without having to change pens.

    These are fairly recent to the UK and we've just started carrying them. We've been having fun playing with them and now want to give one of our readers a chance to try them out.

    chameleon pensThe prize includes colors such as aqua marine, seville orange and crimson red. It also includes a blender pen, a detail pen and a guidebook with ideas for using the pens.

    To win your 22-pack of Chameleon pens, just leave a comment below between now and July 29. We'll use the random number generator at to select the winner and announce the lucky name on July 31.

    As always, the contest is open all around the world. But please, one entry per person.

    Good luck to all. Be sure to tell your friends about the giveaway so they can enter too.

  • Winner of the Tiger Pens June 2015 Giveaway!

    Congratulations to Liz Slade.

    You've just won a 24-pack of Stabilo Aquacolor pencils!

    As usual, we used to select one of the entries from our June 2015 giveaway. That number, 56, belonged to Liz Slade.

    Liz, please use the contact link at the bottom right of the page to send us an email with your mailing address.

    We'll get your prize on the way as soon as possible.

    For everyone else, thanks for entering and keep an eye on the blog because we'll be announcing another awesome giveaway in just a few weeks.

  • Tiger Pens Giveaway: 24-pack Stabilo Aquacolor Pencils

    Stabilo Aquacolor

    (UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. Please check the blog for the current month's giveaway.)

    Earlier in the week, we promised you a giveaway, and here it is!

    The prize for this drawing is a tin of 24 Stabilo Aquacolor pencils. They come in a wide range of pastel and primary hues and have 2.88 mm leads.

    They're great for coloring and sketching, especially since they are water-soluble and the lines can be washed for a softer, more elegant look. Stabilo calls them "the paintable pencil," suited for use by students and amateur artists.

    professional_colored_pencil(If you've not tried it before, Empty Easel offers some points on blending and brushing with colored pencils. They take you step-by-step through some simple techniques for adding a little sophistication to your sketches.)

    For a chance to win the 24-pack of Stabilo Aquacolors, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Entries close at midnight June 30.

    The contest is open worldwide. One entry per person, please.

    We'll randomly select one winner and announce the results on the blog July 2.


  • Winner Of The Tiger Pens December 2013 Giveaway!

    There is a winner!

    Our secret guest picker, NYC literary agent Janet Reid, has put all 430 entries through the random number generator, and one emerged victorious...

    Page 1, No. 272...David Sexton!

    Congratulations, David, you will now wield a beautiful, shiny new gold Pilot MR gel pen. Use it with pride, and feel free to (tastefully) flash it about. After all, the MR is a writing instrument that was made to be seen.


    You also will receive a special handwritten note of advice from our secret guest. If you've ever fancied yourself a writer and dreamed of seeing your work in the front window of a book shop, heed her words carefully.

    Janet is a top-notch literary agent with a strong stable of writers that includes Steve Ulfelder, author of Edgar-nominated Purgatory Chasm, and Robin Becker, whose Brains: A Zombie Memoir has been recommended by everyone from Publishers Weekly to Charlaine Harris.

    For the last nine years, Janet has been giving tough love and advice to writers on her blog and on QueryShark, where she explains in biting detail exactly how to land an agent and hopefully get published.

    David, be sure to claim your prize as quick as you can, so it will reach you before Christmas.

    Just leave a comment below and use the 'Contact' link above to send us your mailing address, and we'll get it on its way.

    Thanks to everyone for entering and Merry Christmas to all of our loyal readers! We look forward to another great year of exciting giveaways and more mystery guests in the arts, education and pens in 2014!

  • Tiger Pens December 2013 Giveaway!

    Santa is bringing somebody a very special gift this year!

    For our last giveaway of the year, the prize is a gold Pilot MR gel pen. The trademark of the MR is its satiny smoothness – both in finish and feel and in the writing experience. When you need a pen that communicates sophistication, this is it.


    For a chance to get one of your very own this holiday season, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Once all the entries are in, we'll have a special guest picker use to select a winner.

    That person will receive a brand new Pilot MR and a personal handwritten note from our secret guest.

    You'll have until Dec. 16 to enter your name in the contest. As usual, one entry per person, please and international entries are welcome.

    The winner will be announced Dec. 17. Will it be you? There's only one way to find out.

  • Winner Of The Tiger Pens November 2013 Giveaway!

    Readers, you've wow'ed us again with your response to our November giveaway.

    Please keep it up. We promise not to get big heads.

    Now, on the important stuff...picking a winner.

    As always, we used to make the selection. There were two pages of entries with 595 total names.

    And the prize pack goes to...

    Page two, comment 162.

    Way to go, Emma Lewis! You just picked up a whopping package of Staedtler goodies including:

    • 2 12-packs of Staedtler Noris Club 144 colored pencils.
    • 1 Staedtler HB pencil.
    • 1 Staedtler Mars eraser
    • 1 Staedtler Noris Club tub pencil sharpener
    • 1 Staedtler 2GB USB pen drive

    Staedtler prize pack


    To claim your prize, just leave a comment below and use the 'Contact' link above to send us your mailing info.

    Thanks to everyone for entering. Keep watching the blog for news of more giveaways, and be sure to get your name in for additional chances to win.

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