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platinum preppy

  • One Man And His Platinum Preppy Pens

    platinum preppyWe love to hear from the people who use our pens, especially when they're passionate about a favorite.

    And Rob, a physicist and retired civil servant from Hertfordshire, is a real fan of the Platinum Preppy fountain pen.

    Seriously. A big fan. He wrote to tell us:

    I have collected over the years a huge number of fountain pens (I would be embarrassed to count them) which I use containing many ink types and colours. Most I decided to replace with Platinum Preppys, when I discovered how brilliant and superior they are, and when my non-Preppy's began to let me down.

    So far I have replaced 30 of them with Preppys, and they have never let me down. By my reckoning I still have roughly 50 more inferior and failing pens that I still want to replace (and upgrade) with the vastly superior Platinum Preppys. Or indeed perhaps a few Platinum Plaisirs as well, for good measure and variety, though my preference is for the Preppy because its transparency is an aid to ink management.

    ...I now regret buying any pen that was not a Preppy, as doing so has been a waste of my money.

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  • Platinum Preppy - Available Now

    The Preppy is a refillable fountain pen with an innovative “Slip & Seal” ink feed system designed with a screw top cap to prevent the ink drying out. Ever popular since its launch in 2007 this series of pens are known for being a true fountain pen with a very reasonable price tag.


    Platinum Preppy pens are available in different nib sizes & colours. They all have a clear plastic barrel showing the size & logo with colour coded accents. The medium (05) 0.5mm nib comes in a choice of black red or blue, fine (03) has a wider range of 7 colours which include yellow & violet shades & the latest addition is extra fine (02) with a 0.2mm nib & choice of black, blue or red ink.

    The Preppy range have stainless steel nibs & are supplied with one cartridge, alternatively an optional converter could be used with bottled ink. The nibs on these pens can be easily removed which some users say lends them to being converted to an eyedropper (the barrel will take more ink) relatively easily.

    All in all these fountain pens provide a smooth writing experience at a very affordable price.

  • Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review 0.5mm Nib

    When it comes to people's choice of writing utensil I guess it is all down to personal preference.  I have written before that fountain pens have never been my first choice on the pen front.  Having recently picked up a Platinum Preppy from Tiger Pens I thought I'd get some help from a FP fanatic & write this review.

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  • UPDATE: Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Goes Global (Again)

    We heard back from Platinum about where the Preppy is being sold outside Japan. According to company spokesman Miho Arai, the pen is, or will be, available in the UK, US, Hungary and Singapore.

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