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  • Summer 2015 Pen Giveaways

    You know what everybody loves?


    There, didn't your pulse speed up just the tiniest bit? It should because there are freebies in the offing from some of your favorite pen makers.

    Here are some of the pen giveaways currently running:

    UK Only

    Stabilo contestStabilo is looking for the Young Journalist of the Year in the UK. Impress the judges with your writing and you could win your own column at First News and £1000 worth of Stabilo goodies to share with your class. Continue reading

  • Pilot G2 XS Pixie Mini Gel Ink Pen – Review

    Plenty has been written about Pilot's popular G2, famous the world over for its smooth writing gel ink.

    As I picked up a mini version in the Pilot G2 XS Pixie I was impressed to see that this little pen had the same comfy ergonomic grip section with the same barrel diameter as the standard version although the barrel is only 11.3cm in length & it weighs in at 118g.
    This retractable compact rollerball has a 0.7mm tip writes a 0.39mm line & has positive push button with no annoying rattles, the sturdy pocket clip is the same as the full size pen.


    Available in a choice of 8 colours Pilot claim “you will be delighted by the fluidity of its ink and the intensity of its colours” sadly this wasn't my initial experience. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the performance of the little violet Pixie.

    When putting pen to paper the ink didn't flow, neither did the tungsten carbide ball glide across the page. Unfortunately rather than help me put the thoughts in my head down, I was distracted by the appearance of the text on the page finding it scratchy, skippy & messy.

    Thinking about it & to provide a fair critique I suppose I do tend to scribble notes when preparing to review a pen & after completing my written review the page didn't look too bad.

    This is the type of pen I'd use if I had a small purse, bag or pocket space only, it would be fine for jotting a few notes whilst on the go but writing a manuscript would be out of the question.

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  • Makie Kobo Namiki Museum - Opening Soon

    Pilot are well known as a leading manufacturer of quality writing instruments, to showcase their Maki-e pens & in preparation for the companies centenary celebrations in 2018 they will be opening a Museum on 15 Jan.

    Ryosuku Namiki founded Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1918. The company grew & in collaboration with his friend Masao Wada the pair aspired to make high quality products that would be welcomed worldwide. Two decades on the name was changed to Pilot Pen Co. Ltd although the Namiki name lives on through the large number of Namiki collections that are still revered as the ultimate writing tool.


    Maki-e (pronounced mah-KEE-ay) means sprinkled picture & this ancient Japanese technique is a art that takes years of training to master. In very basic terms it's achieved by layering lacquer & powders, such as gold, pewter & brass. The skilled artists use a variety of brushes & bamboo tubes, to create a large number of collections depicting, birds, animals & trees.

    The Maki-e Nobo Namiki Museum is in Hiratsuka, the home of the factory since the late 1940's. It will be housed in an ancient red brick building dating back to the Taisho Era, & will give visitors the opportunity to see ornate Maki-e pens from days gone by made by artisans named as national treasures, they will also have the chance to view some of the elegant storage boxes on display. For those lucky enough to be able to visit the museum will be open from Monday to Friday between 10am & 4pm.

  • Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Pen Review

    Some may argue you've seen one ballpoint you've seen them all but Pilot have tried to ring the changes with the SnapClick.

    Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Pen

    The body of the Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Pen has a comfy rubberised grip that is met by a transparent section exposing the springed section that operates the retractable nib. This see through window also reveals the ink level, a nice little feature to have if running out of ink will spoil your day. What is less common about this ballpoint is not the protracting nib which operates by pressing the button that is bog standard, the difference comes in to play when you want the nib to retract, by pushing on the top of the pocket clip. The design of the SnapClick is a little unusual, but does it add anything to the pen? I'll leave that to you to decide.

    I do think that it must be difficult for designers sometimes, always having to come up with something new to please appease the good old consumers, but then there are worst things to do for a living & someones gotta do it.

    The SnapClick is refillable with Pilots RFGPM refills which are a little longer than average & the medium nib writes a 0.31mm line. The choice of 6 oil based ink colours is also better than the norm offering a nice orange & light blue turquoisey shade. Pilot say that oil based ink usually lasts 3 years as opposed to some other types lasting 2 on average, not that I've ever used a pen for more than a few months but there you go, that's just me. The pocket clip/button also releases the nib when attached to your pocket or notepad & can be clipped on thicker than average pads or clothing. So a few differences there to be fair.

    As for the writing experience, its a ballpoint, nothing wrong with that it did what was required & landed a bunch of text on the page. The grip was comfy & non slip but as far as looks go the Pilot Snapclick doesn't get my vote.

    Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Written Review Pilot SnapClick Retractable Ballpoint Written Review

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  • Review of Pilot V Board Master Whiteboard Marker Chisel Tip

    Whiteboard markers come in handy in a whole range of situations, from lecture rooms to the workplace. As time goes by most things change what with new technologies, manufacturing processes & the like but the Pilot V Board Master is said to be best in the class, with its dry wipe liquid ink & environmentally friendly qualities.

    Pilot V Board Master

    Although it contains a low odour ink, you still get the familiar whiff of alcohol when you remove the cap. This particular whiteboard marker does however have qualities that are not so common. Like for instance the constant ink flow that doesn't require the life to be shaken into it, or need any frantic pumping on the surface to force it into action.

    As part of the Begreen range not only is the earth friendly V Board refillable, but the durable tip ensures you can do so up to 4 times. Couple this with fact that it is made up of 91% recycled materials & surely a place must be secured in the Eco pen category.

    This Pilot lands a thick clean 5mm line of intense colour through its medium chisel tip & can be seen at a distance, which should even be enough to satisfy those at the back of the class.

    Available in 5 different non smudge colours, these markers brighten up the white space on a board much better than a blackboard & chalk, they will also flow until the very last drop of pure liquid ink, all thanks to the unique twin pipe feeder system.

    So despite there being an increasing number of cool smartboards & the existence of old school blackboards, if your board of choice happens to need a dry wipe marker the V Board Master could be the one for you!

  • Tech Force Pen With Ruler

    Ever thought about kick starting a project? Well that's just what Josh Wilson has done with the Tech Force Pen & ruler sleeve.


    This creative project has been brought to fruition through Kickstarter, which is apparently the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Backers make their pledges & if the funding goal is reached what began as a dream of an idea can become a reality.

    This particular invention is a substantial cover & sleeve which has been designed for Pilot Hi-Tec C Ink Cartridge refills, its supplied with a small dime screw to enable insertion. The casing around the pen slips seamlessly into the sleeve which doubles as a ruler & is engraved with both metric & imperial markers.


    Josh is a design enthusiast who appreciates the fact that some of the best ideas are often simple (that said, this project has taken around a year from conception which is no mean feat in my book!) This creation has a stylish minimalist design, it has a 10mm diameter, is 129mm long, weighted in the middle & approximately 28g.


    The funding threshold has been exceeded & production is impending. These pens & rulers will made from solid aluminium & be available with a brushed or anodised black finish. All that remains to say is Good Luck Josh!




  • Pilot G-TEC C4 MicroTip Gel Ink Rollerball Pen (BLGC4) Review

    As I removed the cap of the G Tec C4 the needle tip conjured up thoughts that I'd be in for a bumpy ride when putting this rollerball to the test. I was soon to be proved wrong however, as writing with this Pilot G-Tec C4 was a pleasant surprise.

    Pilot G-Tec C4

    The C4 contains gel ink, something which Pilot boast to have a large range of colours in. This particular pen offers a choice of 10 zesty shades and can be refilled, I am using a plain old black one but whatever the colour I can imagine it being useful for a whole raft of jobs, from form filling to proof reading.

    I wouldn't say this pen was at the front of the queue for looks, the transparent barrel has the appearance of bog standard plastic to my non techie eye but it's contents, namely the ink, make up for any shortfalls there. Pilot claim that the G-Tec C is the only pen to have bio-polymer smear-proof ink, I have to say that I agree it was adverse to feathering and smearing.

    The grip section consists of a ridged section just below the shiny metal nib housing & tip, in my experience it did the job for which it was intended, no more, no less. I have read some reviews whereby users have complained that putting too much pressure close to the tip led to the cap coming loose, I didn't find this to be the case & I can be heavy handed. Neither did I have a problem with the flow of ink which pleased me, having been a little alarmed at some suggestions from disappointed users for dealing with shall we say initial warm up of the pen.

    The answer to some peoples initial problems when for instance the pen just won't write without scribbling a few circles, they allude to passing the tip through a flame! The advice does come with a warning to take care not to burn the plastic. I'd be more concerned about burning the house down, therefore not something I'd advocate.

    The G-Tec C4 gel pen has a 0.4mm tip which writes a fine 0.2mm line, whilst I would usually opt for a medium nib I enjoyed using this rollerball & would certainly do so again.

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  • Pilot Feed GP4 - Review

    Eco friendly pens are relatively easy to find. It appears that some use this label if a pen can be refilled, this was a surprise to me as I'd have thought there was a little more to it than that!

    Pilot Feed GP4

    Pilot are proud to have the BeGreen range in their arsenal & I've been looking at the Pilot Feed – GP4. This group is made up of a minimum of 70% recycled material, including packaging & are competitively priced.

    This handy multi barrel ballpoint is 78.2% recycled & has black, red, green & blue 1.0mm tips in one pen. It's chunky but not uncomfortable to hold & I like the large soft rubber grip area. This covers a sizeable area on the barrel & has a ridged section that stops my fingers slipping whilst scribbling away. Unfortunately this is something I frequently do as I try to get my hand to catch up with the thoughts going through my head, leaving my text almost illegible all too often.

    As I change the colour of the ink with a simple click on the fin of my choice, I'm a little disappointed with the grey selection. Although I know the description states the GP4 has black ink the fin is grey. I like the fact that once the tips are protracted there is a circle around the nib indicating the ink colour, until I get to black, perhaps Pilot don't want to be too predictable, or keep us guessing, who knows.

    The writing experience was favourable, likely to be thanks to Pilot's low viscosity ink. The flow of ink was consistent, no warming up was necessary. What I mean is there was no time wasted drawing imaginary circles waiting for the ink to get going, as is sometimes the case with ballpoints,

    The ink in the GP4 is waterproof & oil based, the barrel is available in clear or translucent red & blue plastic & in keeping with the environmentally friendly theme it's also refillable.

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  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Now Available at Tiger Pens

    At Tiger pens we have been very busy importing lots of great new products recently, and we are pleased to announce that we now have the fabulous Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi-Pens in stock.

    Pilo Hi-Tec-C Coleto Blue Barrel

    Usually a Multi-Pen has either three or four colours typically black blue red & green or perhaps two colours and a pencil. However those clever boffins in Japan at Pilot Pens have developed the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi-Pen system this allows you to create a pen just the way you want it by mixing & matching from 15 different colour refills.

    Pilot HiTec-C Coletto Refills 15 Colours

    To create your own Multi-Pen first you need an empty Multi-Pen body to fill it with your favourite colours. We currently have three different models and changing refills is really easy each pen has a cap at the top which flips open and you simply pull out your old refill and slide a new one in. the refills all easily identifiable by their colour coded fins.

    Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 Colour Gel Multi- Pen Body

    Pilot HiTec-C Coletto 4 Barrel ColoursThe Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 pen body is available with a clear barrel or translucent black, blue or pink barrel and it has a matching rubber grip area.


    Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5 Colour Gel Multi- Pen Body

    The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5 pen body is available with a clear barrel or translucent black, blue or pink barrel and it has a matching rubber grip area.

    Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumino 4 Colour Gel Multi- Pen Body

    Pilot HiTec-C Lumino 2 Barrel ColoursThe Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumino 4 pen body is their top of the range model made from strong plastic with either a matt black or metallic silver finish.


    Pilot Hi-Tec-C Refills

    Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills are available with either a 0.4mm tip that writes a 2.0mm wide and available in 15 colours or with a 0.5mm tip that writes a 0.3mm wide line and available in 10 colours. There is also a refill which is a 0.5mm mechanical pencil.Pilot Hi-Tec-C-Coleto Refills 0.4mm

    Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 0.5mm Refills

    Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 0.5mm Pencil

    We think that the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi-Pen system is a great idea and would love to hear any comments you have, maybe you already own one and could let us know what you think of it.


  • Pilot V Ball 7 RT Retractable Liquid Ink Rollerball 0.7mm Review

    Should I be asked what I was looking for when buying a pen it would have to write a smooth sharp line, have a comfy grip & be retractable.

    Pilot V Ball RT 7

    The Pilot V Ball 7 RT Liquid Ink Rollerball does at a first glance appear to have these attributes.

    This pen has a 4cm rubber grip with a series of small indented circles set in 3 sections. I haven't taken a tape measure to all the pens on the desk to check, but this grip feels longer than others. There is ample room for my fingers to move within it without slipping onto the barrel.

    The liquid ink is airplane safe & writes a smooth fluent line which, with the help of the ink flow regulator apparently controls the ink until the very last drop.

    The Pilot V Ball 7 RT is available in 4 different colours. I am using a red one, they also come with blue, black & green ink & are refillable. As the name suggests this rollerball has a 0.7mm tip which writes a 4mm line. The tungsten carbide ball is of the cone variety, as opposed to a needlepoint. The latter is something I'd personally use if I wanted to write along a ruler to keep me on the straight & narrow. This cone tip is more robust & much more suited to my note scribbling habits.

    Not a bad pen to look at the rubber grip section has a series of small dots placed in 3 sections, they are hardly visible but you can feel them. The barrel is a mix of red & silver, one side of barrel has 3 circles above the 0.7 size stamp, the other over pure liquid ink logo. The clip is flexible yet sturdy & the retraction mechanism is positive enough to withstand my frequent clicking, something I tend to when I'm in one of my thinking time modes.

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