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Pentel Slicci

  • Stuff Your Stocking With Pentel Pens

    Those of you in the States still have a chance to pick up some free pens this month from Pentel.

    Pentel Slicci Gel Pen Prize PackThere are a few days – and some awesome prizes – left in the Pentel Pens 25 Days of Giveaways. Coming up this week are mechanical pens, brush pens, Slicci Gels and colored pencils, all free to the daily winners.

    The smaller prizes are leading up to the monster giveaways on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: Backpacks stuffed with US$250 worth of Pentel Pens products.

    To enter, go to the Pentel Blog and leave a comment, or follow Pentel on Twitter or Pinterest. Pentel picks a winner each day from the entries and posts the winner's name on the blog.

    (Speaking of Pentel contests, how about this for a great way to start out the new year: Pentel is giving away a brand-new Fiat 500, or rather, giving away 25 of them to people who get the right code from special promo packs of Pentel products. To see if you are a winner, go to the Pentel Win-a-Car site, register and enter your code. If you've won, you will find out right away.

    This one is open only to licensed drivers over 18 who live in the UK.)

    Pilot Pen UK also is having a Christmas-y giveaway this week, awarding bundles of pens to five lucky winners. This one is a little more complicated, requiring you to take a pic of a letter to Santa and tweet it to @PilotPenUK, tagged #PilotLetter.

    The deadline for that one is Wednesday.

  • Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen 0.7mm - Review

    Pentel make it their mission to develop pens that offer a satisfying writing experience & I found that the Slicci Gel Pen definitely delivered on this.


    Given a choice I will usually go for a medium tip, considering the Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen has a 0.7mm tip I expected it to produce a wider line than it did. This is not a criticism however, this pen was lovely to write with, the ink flowed smoothly from the metal tip & was quick drying laying down a neat 0.35mm line without a smudge in sight.

    Something I'm not so sure about is the barrel, it is shorter & slimmer than the average pen & the grip section is made up of a series of small raised plastic ridges which just don't cut it for me when writing for any length of time, give me a squishy rubbery panel any time & I'm happy. The transparent body allows you to view the ink level which could prove useful if you're working on a project with anything other than a bog standard colour as you may not have a substitute to hand to finish the job.

    Pentel Slicci Gel Pens are available in 8 colours including sky blue, pink & orange, I am using red ink which is bright & vivid. The ink is acid free making the pens handy for scrap booking as its less likely to fade over time. They can be bought individually or in packs of 12 & eco warriors will be pleased to note that they are made up of 87% recycled materials.

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  • Pentel Slicci 0.7mm Purple Review

    The Pentel Slicci is a gel ink pen. This is a writing instrument that should appeal to those that like an ultra slim barrel on their pen. The 0.7mm metal tip writes a smooth 0.35mm line, I found the ink to be free flowing & I loved the purple colour. The only criticism of the performance was that it did skip once or twice when held at some angles.

    pentel slicci gel pen

    Pentel promote the fact that they strive to make a positive contribution to the environment, minimising use of natural resources. They ceased to use anything that knowingly harms the environment back in 1995 & the Recycology™  program ensures that today all products are made from materials that are at least 50% recycled.

    The Pentel Slicci is made from 87% recycled material. It has a transparent plastic barrel with a bright silver nib housing around the fine metal tip, a Pentel logo & detail is just below the grip. The panelled grip sections have small rows of horizontal lines that make for a non slip writing experience. The end stopper on the pen is colour coded to the ink & the cap has a relatively strong pocket clip with a silver insert sporting the Slicci logo.

    A capped pen that's available in a selection of 8 colours including a vibrant orange, pink & sky blue.

    Supplied with a medium 0.7mm ball with acid free metallic gel ink that is quick drying & can be refilled.

    As I've already mentioned I love the vibrant shade of purple that this pen left on the page, just can't get used to such a slim barrel for writing anything other than a brief note. I am however a believer in the saying there is a place for everything & this is the sort of pen I'd have in my collection for writing cards, making entries in the diary or adding notes in my photo album.

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