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  • EBay Says Ink Pens are So '16th Century'

    Have you seen the new eBay commercial about the guy and his ink pen?

    Apparently eBay is trying to reinvent itself – less of a used goods auction site, more of a shiny new things marketplace – with an advertising campaign that makes fun of, among other "old" things, ink pens and the people who use them.

    The company recently began running a TV commercial called "Left Out" in which a guy named Pete shows up to a company meeting with, gasp, a pen and notepad instead of a tablet computer. When the boss asks Pete if he forgot his device, a woman at the table mocks him by saying, "Me Pete! Me use pen!"

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  • Uniball Pens Good, New Uniball Pen Commercials Not

    Regular readers know that we love Uniball pens. They’re graceful, write like a dream and have that armored Super Ink.

    That’s why these new TV commercials from Uniball make us sad.

    The reason: They...well...suck. Continue reading

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