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  • Great New Ohto Products at Tiger Pens for June 2013

    Our latest Ohto shipment and just arrived and is now available to buy on the Tiger Pens Website. There are some great new products among them so here is a quick round up of what is new and we will do more in depth reviews a lit bit later on.

    Ohto Fude Ball

    Ohto Fude Balll 1.5mm Rollerball Pen

    The Ohto Fude Ball is a rollerball pen with a giant 1.5mm tip it lays down thick black lines and is designed to produce similar results to a brush pen but is apparently easier to use.


    Ohto Slimline Ballpoint Pen


    Ohto Black Slim-Line Ballpoint Pen

    We have added a black barrel version to our range of these very popular pens

    Ohto G – Slender Ballpoint Pen

    Ohto G- Slender ballpoint pens

    The Ohto G- Slender ballpoint pen is a really smooth writing ballpoint pen with an aluminium barrel & an unbelievably low price tag for a pen of this quality.

    Ohto Petite B Ballpoint Pen

    Ohto Petite B Ballpoint pens

    We have added two more barrel colours to our range of Ohto Petite B compact pens. They are now available in violet and silver.
    Ohto Multi Slim 4 Multi Function Pen

    Ohto multi slim 4 multifunction penThe Ohto Multi Slim 4 is a high quality Multi pen combining a black red and blue ballpoint pen with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. It is now available with a blue barrel.

    Ohto Super Promecha PM 1500P Pencil

    Ohto Super Promeca Pencil

    The Ohto Suoer Promeca PM 1500P mechanical pencil is loaded with features and is the top of the highly respected Ohto Promeca range of drafting pencils.

    Ohto Auto Sharp AP205S

    Ohto Auto Sharp Pencils

    The Ohto Auto Sharp AP205S pencil has an innovative auto advance mechanism that self feeds the lead as it is being used. This is the new slim-line version of the much chunkier Ohto Auto Sharp AP205.

    Ohto Auto Sharp Cute Pencil

    Ohto Cute Pencil

    The Auto Sharp Cute pencil lives up to its name it is a slim line 0.5mm metal mechanical pencil with an attractive pink pearlescent colour.

    Ohto Horizon Mechanical Pencil

    Ohto Horizon Pencil

    The Ohto Horizon 0.5mm mechanical pencil is made from aluminium and has a "double knock mechanism" that allows the tip to be completely retracted inside the barrel.

    Ohto Smile Slide Clipper Paper Clip

    Ohto Smile Paperclip

    Last but not least is the Ohto Smile Slide Clipper Paper Clip these have gone down a storm in the Tiger Pens office. We absolutely love them not just because of the cute smiley face but because they are extremely practical as well.

    We hope you like the new additions and would love to hear what you think, if there is anything from Ohto that we are not currently supplying let us know and we will see if we can get it in.

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