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  • The Best Pens For Left-Handed People in 2018

    Lefties, we know you have it rough when it comes to finding good pens, since most of them are designed to be used by right-handers.

    A typical right-handed person using a pen pulls it toward the right in a smooth motion, leaving a line of fresh ink untouched behind the writing hand.

    A left-handed person has to push the pen from left to right. That requires the writer to press harder on the pen, which can be uncomfortable and can force the paper to foul the writing tip. Meanwhile, the writing hand drags over the ink and smudges it.

    Obviously, then, the two most important qualities in a pen for left-handed people is that the ink dries quickly and that it flows as smoothly as possible. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite pens for left-handers to consider.

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  • Yoropen Ballpoint Pen Review

    For many lefty's (this article has nothing to do with politics by the way) learning how to write can be a challenge.  The Yoropen is a ballpoint which has been ergonomically designed with the intention of addressing some of the issues that left hander's face, although not specifically for this market. Established in Taiwan in 1999 by Mr Lu Bao-Shen, Yoropen's goal is to “supply excellent writing instruments to all”.

    Yoropen Ballpoint Pen

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