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  • Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Special Edition 2016

    Lamy safari Dark Lilac Pens

    Every year in April Lamy release a special edition colour for their best selling Lamy Safari range of Pens. These are a limited edition so they are usually only available for a few months.

    This year’s colour is dark lilac and it is proving to be one of their most popular colours released so far.

    The Lamy safari dark lilac pens and the full range of Lamy safari pens are available to buy on the Tiger Pens website.


  • Lamy Logo M Ballpoint Pen Review

    The Lamy brand has been around since 1952 & is well known for making stylish pens. The contemporary Logo range includes fountain pens, rollerballs, pencils & ballpoints. Having just come across a Logo M Ballpoint I've decided to give it a workout.

    Lamy Logo M Ballpoint Pen

    The glossy plastic barrel on the Lamy Logo M Ballpoint tapers to a relatively high grip section, said to ensure a firm grip, however it doesn't sit comfortably in my hand. Initially I tried moving my fingers closer to the nib to no avail, they kept slipping back & I found myself concentrating more on the pen than my writing. So not a good start.

    Moving on to the performance, this ballpoint is available in a choice of black, red or blue barrel, the former & Logo I'm using has black ink the others come with blue ink. The colour was not as dense as expected given the sultry looking barrel, in fact it appeared to have a greyish hue which was disappointing. It's hard for me to overcome my difficulty getting to grips (if you'll excuse the pun) with the ribbed grip section to comment on the writing experience. I can say that the Logo didn't skip or leave blobs on the page.

    When new this ballpoint has a medium tip, but the Logo M can be refilled with a any of the M16 range which are available in a variety of tip sizes & colours.

    This review is not all negative, I really like the sprung steel clip which is stylish, sturdy & well integrated into the retractable button. This pen oozes quality & is everything I'd expect from a leading award winning German manufacturer.

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  • Lamy Al-Star Black Limited Edition 2013

    The limited edition of the LAMY AL-star black is available as a fountain, ballpoint & a rollerball pen. A chic up to date look, the matt black finish is made from durable aluminum & makes a bold statement.

    Lamy Al-Star Black 2013

    The Lamy Al star has a 2013 limited edition fountain pen with a mix of satin black aluminum & sultry smokey transparent triangular shaped grip section. The flexible matt black pocket clip finishes it off well. Available with fine or medium nibs &  refillable with T10 cartridges, or an optional Z24 converter for use with bottled ink.

    The Al-star is also available in a Ballpoint with a retractable push button mechanism. This pen is supplied with a medium nib & black ink, & can be refilled using a Lamy giant M16.

    This limited edition is also available as a rollerball which is supplied with medium black ink & can be refilled using Lamy M63 refills.

  • Lamy Safari Neon Yellow Pens Limited Edition 2013

    It’s that time of year again & Lamy have delivered their 2013 Limited Edition Safari range.

    Fans of these pens will know that every year a new colour is brought into play.  This year it’s Neon which is a vibrant yellow that is the choice on offer.

    Lamy safari 2013 Limited Edition

    The Safari is a popular choice amongst the wide range of pens on offer from this independent German family firm, who have become renowned for their high quality contemporary designs.

    The Fountain Pen is available with Fine, (F) Medium (M), nibs. The barrel is made from durable ABS plastic & has a handy window to display the ink levels, when the time comes to refill  just replace with Lamy T10 cartridges, alternatively a Z24 converter can be used. The triangular shaped grip section is comfortable to hold & the pocket is clip has a sleek chrome plated finish.

    Ballpoint Pens have the same stylish characteristics with durable ABS barrel & triangular grip section. They are retractable & fitted with a medium nib & supplied with black ink, giant M16 refills are available.

    For fans of the Rollerball, model no.313 provides effortless writing through a medium tip with black ink, they can also be refilled with Lamy M63 refills.

    An attractive, zesty looking range fitting for any limited edition.

  • Do Fountain Pens Improve Childrens’ Handwriting?

    In the right hands, fountain pens produce some beautiful lettering, so it stands to reason that giving your child a fountain pen might be the right way to neaten the little one’s Ps and Qs.

    And it very well might. Then again, you might end up spending money on an expensive pen for naught.

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