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inkless metal pen

  • Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Pens – New Colours Added

    Inkless Metal Pens

    After a long absence we now have the Axel Weinbrecht inkless metal pens back in stock. As the name suggests they contain no ink but leave a silvery coloured mark on paper from their metal tip.

    We have added to the range there are is now a copper, gold or orange coloured pen to choose from as well as one made from a beautiful cherry wood. Apart from the cherry wood they can all be engraved if you wish.

  • Inkless Metal Pen makes a permanent mark

    Have you been seeing the ads on YouTube and elsewhere for this new Inkless Metal Pen? The claim is that it's a writing instrument that puts tiny particles of metal, rather than ink or graphite, down on your paper.

    Count us intrigued.

    The pen is sold by, which describes itself as "purveyors of curiously awesome products." Vat19 claims the Inkless Metal Pen is tipped with a "patented metal alloy" that transfers trace amounts to the surface as you write, leaving a smudge-proof mark that will adhere to many surfaces that ink typically won't. Continue reading

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