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  • 5 Green Pens We Recommend

    A couple of months ago, I wrote about teachers and students using green ink as part of a feedback system that focuses on improving work, instead of just highlighting mistakes.

    That made me a little curious about green pens, since I didn't really have much experience with them. The few I'd used were pretty unimpressive, mostly because the ink was so pallid. So I decided to take a run through a bunch of green pens to find the ones that worked the best.

    The Pen Warrior sent me a package full of disposables from most of the major brands we carry: Pilot, Pentel, Uniball, Bic, Paper Mate, Staedtler, and Stabilo. There were 18 all together, in a variety of hues. Most were stick pens. Continue reading

  • Blue Or Black Ink?

    black or blueWe recently posted about teachers using red ink at school, and that put me in mind of another classic color debate: Blue or black ink?

    There are all sorts of opinions on this and, for the most part, it just comes down to preference. That said, there are some very valid reasons for choosing one or the other, particularly in certain circumstances.

    I'll get into details below, but here's what I generally recommend:

    • Black ink for filling out official records.
    • Blue for business signatures and most others.
    • Black for memos and work correspondence.
    • Blue (or red) for notes and most learning purposes.
    • Blue for credit card applications.
    • Blue (or another color) for creative purposes.


    Continue reading

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