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  • Ballpoint, Rollerball or Gel: Which Pen is Best for You?

    Ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens

    Trying to choose the right pen, but confused by all the different labels: ballpoint, liquid ink, gel, hybrid, rollerball? Yeah, we don’t blame you; it can get a little overwhelming.

    Having such a wide choice to choose from though isn’t a bad thing as it gives you plenty of options when looking for a pen to fit your needs.

    One of the questions that we are most often asked is what is the difference between these pens and how does this affect how they write?

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  • Searching For The Perfect Pen – Guest Post By MJ Monaghan

    (Editor's note: MJ Monaghan recently wrote on his blog about how his search for the perfect pen had led him to experiment with fountain pens. We asked him if he would like to share his story with our readers, and he was kind enough to oblige. We hope you enjoy.)

    Office supplies have always drawn me close – whether it be the feel of paper in my hand, the strength of a hole punch, the trusty adhesive label, or the simple joy of a three-ring binder – because they remind me of old-fashioned hard work and accomplishment.

    We all have favorite automobiles, stores, clothes, and yes – most of us probably have a preferred office supply. For me it requires no thought at all: I love pens; all kinds of pens.

    I have dozens of different pens around the house. Ballpoint pens – extra fine point, fine point, medium point, and bold. Roller ball and gel pens abound in the desk drawers. And now, I’ve rediscovered my old love for fountain pens after a few decades of absence.

    What’s with this strange obsession that I have? Well, I believe it started when I was a small child. My dad was one of those IBM’ers (as we called those who worked at IBM) who worked Saturdays, back when hardly anyone toiled at the workplace on a weekend. He would ask if any of the seven kids in our family wanted to join him, and I always did. Continue reading

  • Artline Softline 1700 0.7 Review

    Having recently found myself needing to take copious notes to put together a newsletter, I figured it would be a good opportunity to review the Artline softline 1700.

    Artline Softline 1700 gel pen

    I don't know about you but my writing often lapses into scribble the further down the page I get when taking notes.  Having never acquired the skill of shorthand the faster my dictator speaks the more illegible my handwriting gets.  I also notice a tendency to tighten my grasp on the pen.  Writing with the Artline Softline 1700 this became less apparent, my guess is it was due to the soft rubberized grip. Continue reading

  • How to Keep Your Pens from Drying Out

    If you’re into pens, or use them a lot, it doesn’t take long to build up quite a pen collection. And since you probably don’t write with more than a couple at a time, you’re left to figure out how to keep the rest from drying out between uses.

    Mostly, it’s a matter of the quality of the pen. The better the ink, and the tighter it’s sealed inside, the less likely that just laying around will ruin it. But, there are a few tricks you can use to help preserve your ink pens so they actually work when you pull them out of the drawer. Continue reading

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