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  • Check Out These Movie Trailer Drawings

    There's a lot of secrecy around the trailers for the upcoming movie based on the Warcraft games.

    The gaming and movie press have gotten to see some of them, including an extended preview at Comic-Con recently, but access outside those circles has been limited.

    So a few people with varying degrees of artistic talent have gotten creative by coming up with their own movie trailer drawings.

    Bryan Bishop, reporting from Comic-Con for, was armed with a Uniball Signo 207 and a Moleskine notebook when he saw the preview.

    He decided to sketch the movie trailer for Warcraft. Continue reading

  • Britain's New Children's Laureate Is A Pen and Pencil Artist

    Chris Riddell knows drawing.

    gaimanriddellHe's illustrated more than 100 children's books, among them the Edge Chronicles, Muddle Earth, Goth Girl and Ottoline series. He has worked with some of the biggest names in fantasy fiction, including Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. And he's even been a political cartoonist for 20 years.

    Now he's been named Children's Laureate of the UK. Continue reading

  • Guides To Basic Pen And Ink Techniques

    A lot of our readers are interested in drawing. So, on the chance that it might be useful to some of you, we've put together a short list of sites where you can learn basic pen and ink techniques.

    There's a channel on YouTube called GMS Art with a collection of short 20- or 30-second videos demonstrating how to create stippling, hatching, parallel lines and other basic techniques. Well done videos, easy to follow. Seems to be a production of the Greenbelt Middle School art department.

    The Student Art Guide is a website that offers free art education articles and tutorials. One of the most basic pen and ink techniques the site teaches is line drawing. Continue reading

  • Put Your Pens To Work With Sktchy Portrait App

    Sktchy logoSktchy is a nifty little iPhone app we recommend for those of you with an artistic bent.

    The concept is extremely simple: People upload pics of themselves and artists then create sketches, paintings, etc. based on those pics and add them back to the Sktchy collective.

    The app – which is free – allow you to browse a library of photos provided by people hoping to be captured by artists, and also allows you to follow specific artists that you like. Continue reading

  • Drawings, Sketches And Paintings From Hurricane Sandy

    We're starting to see some interesting artwork come out of Hurricane Sandy, the monster storm that wrecked the northeast coast of the US a couple weeks ago.

    While the storm raged, artists were inspired to pick up pens and paper and create images of what they were experiencing. The results range from simple sketches of families watching the waves come in to surrealistic paintings of iconic news footage.

    Here are some examples for your enjoyment. We're linking, rather than showing the art itself so as to not infringe on the artists' works.

    Also, there are a number of artworks for sale to help benefit Hurricane Sandy relief programs. Flavor Wire has a great list of art you can buy to help those affected by the storm, including a classic 'I (Heart) NY' t-shirt with the bottom covered in blue water.

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