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  • Bic Pen Ads Take Another Misstep

    bic adI feel bad for the people who have to make Bic pen ads.

    They just can't seem to get it right when it comes to women.

    Remember the "Bic For Her" campaign a few years ago? The French pen brand launched a version of the classic Cristal with pastel colors and a thinner barrel it said was supposed to fit a woman's hand.

    That did not go over well. Reviewers on Amazon savaged the Bic For Her with snarky comments and questions like, "Do you have any special pens for 'that time of the month?'" And the reaction to Bic's pen made news around the world, especially when the company was slow to respond.

    Now Bic pen ads have stepped in it again with a campaign in South Africa. Continue reading

  • Bic Kids & Magical Dragons

    We all know that BIC® are famous for their ballpoints, but what may be a lesser known fact is that they also have a range of products especially for kids. These include glitter pens as well as the obvious felts & colouring pencils.

    Each year a competition is organised for artistically minded youngsters, for 2014 the theme is Dragons & all things magical. There are two main prizes up for grabs, one for the 4 -7 & another for 8 -11 year olds, there will also be 5 runners up in each group. The winners of the top prizes will be treated to an exiting animation workshop for their gang, whether its Scouts, Brownies or classmates.

    Along with full details of the competition the BIC® Kids web site is full of ideas so the next time you are looking for something fun & creative for the kids to do that doesn't involve technology you could print off a few templates for a spot of good old fashioned colouring.

    On the subject of technology I came across a piece of research gathered from over 2,000 mums from 11 different countries. Unsurprisingly the results found that whilst 70% of two to five year olds were comfortable playing computer games, only 11% could tie their shoe laces! Now I know that many youngsters wear shoes with velcro these days but even so that's a sobering thought.

    As I said the web site has a range of activities, information (like how is a pencil made) & pictures to print. So, if you find yourself short of ideas for something to keep the youngsters amused why not check it out? If you just can't drag them away from the laptop or ipad there are also a few online games to play & everything is updated regularly.



  • Bic for Her Pearl Gel Pen Review

    I've heard of making a fashion statement with say a mobile phone but can the same be said for a pen? OK maybe one of the high end brands, but what about a Bic!


    There has been a lot said about the merits of marketing a pen for women. Far be it from me to throw an opinion into the mix so I'll just get on with the review.

    A Gel pen with a medium 1.0mm tip, the Bic for Her Pearl is a little broader than the her sister Amber. She has the same polished silver coloured nose connecting to a pearly rubberised grip section, making up around 50% of the barrel. Next is a semi transparent lilac coloured section which is separated by two panels of a white filigree effect pattern. The addition of a couple of crystal effect embellishments placed between the grip & lilac section didn't do it for me, the retractable button would have sufficed IMO.

    This pen has a medium 1.0mm tip & is available in a choice of black or blue ink. It produced a smooth line that appeared finer than some other 1.0mm tips & was comfortable to use, although it did smudge. The plastic clip looked flimsy but managed to stay firmly in place on my notepad.

  • Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Review

    Are you one of those people that like the convenience of a multi coloured pen? If the use of different coloured ink holds some significance in your workplace you may want to check out a Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Pen. They say you learn something everyday, I've read that accountants have a strict colour code in some offices depending hierarchy, woe betide any newbie uses the same colour ink as his boss!

    Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint

    The Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro pen has a comfortable rubberised barrel that is essentially an extended grip section. The plastic metallic effect upper segment is home to the colour fins. Those unfortunate enough to suffer from allergies will be pleased to note its PVC free, so with no dangerous chemicals to worry about it's also safe for use in the classroom. The addition of a small eyelet at the top of the pen is handy should you feel the need to keep this pen for your use only, or if you partake in outdoor activities just attach a cord and hang it around your neck. Whilst there is a pocket clip I didn't find it particularly user friendly & found it inflexible, possibly because the open section was shorter than most.

    Whenever I get hold of a multi pen just can't help myself clicking through the fins, this Bic Grip Pro will change colour with ease & the ink shades aren't a bad match either. All 4 colours have a 1.0mm medium tip that writes a 0.4 line & are refillable.

    All in all the Bic Colour Grip Pro performed well & its reasonably priced considering you have 4 colours in 1 pen. Continue reading

  • Bic for Her Amber Ballpoint Pen Review

    I've never imagined a pen to be anything other than unisex. Well, the powers that be at Bic seem to think otherwise as the Bic for Her Amber ballpoint is marketed especially for women. Something a little hard to get my head around from a company with a culture statement “for everyone everywhere”

    Bic for Her Amber

    Many of us have heard of the saying pink for a girl & blue for a boy, I guess it does usually follow that anything pink is going to be most appealing to the fairer sex, generally speaking that is.

    Anyway what about the pen? Take a close look and it does have a feminine air about it. It can be broken down into 4 parts. The nose is a polished silver colour with a subtle pattern embossed where it joins the barrel, albeit difficult to identify! Next is the grip, a comfy rubberised area with a raised scroll like pattern. This section meets a semi translucent pearlised area which continues the scroll theme & incorporates Bic for her text. Finally the housing for the end cap is a silver pearlised plastic, the retractable button stands out like a pink crystal, it's also home to the sturdy pocket clip.

    The Bic for Her I'm using has black ink, well more of a charcoal grey to my eye, nevertheless it is a smooth writer & the medium 1.0 tip suits me. It is also available in blue.

    Whatever the reasons behind the thinking of a lady pen, the obvious controversy & not forgetting some of the comical Amazon reviews, this ballpoint does what is expected of it & is reasonably priced.

    Continue reading

  • 'Modern Family' Kid Star Selling Pens for Staples

    Staples is trying to make ink pens cool to kids with its new series of back-to-school promos.

    And the huge office supply store is using Rico Rodriguez – Manny from the hilarious TV show 'Modern Family'– to help do it.

    In case you don't know Manny, he's the 11-year-old son of Jay and Gloria Pritchett on the hit ABC show about a complicated, hapless and good-hearted family from Southern California. Manny is wise beyond his years, a budding poet who drinks coffee and wears dinner jackets, and usually falls victim to his own attempts at being a suave ladies' man.

    He's also one of the funniest and most popular characters on the show, which makes him the perfect pitchman to sell pens to kids who probably don't use them much otherwise. Continue reading

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