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Stabilo Com4 Gel Rollerball Pen – Review

Stabilo produce a range of ergonomically designed pens. Many of these pens are aimed at the younger user & claim to promote “better, trouble-free writing and drawing”. In contrast the Stabilo Com4 gel Rollerball has a target market of the professional user, the frequent writer looking for high standards of design & comfort.

Stabilo Com4gel

At a very basic level an ergonomically designed pen should alleviate fatigue & the need to exert unnecessary pressure whilst writing. In severe cases using the wrong pen can lead to conditions like RSI (repetitive strain injury) presenting themselves.

The Com4gel Rollerball is a retractable pen with a 0.5mm medium tip. The positive push button mechanism is neatly integrated with a sturdy pocket clip. A quick twist of this section & the pen is simple to refill. Moving down the barrel, which incidentally is available in 4 different colours matching the ink, the next section has 3 triangular indented panels divided by 3 black segments that culminate at the nose.

I used this pen for about half an hour & must confess that I didn't find it that comfy in grip. This contradicts my review of the Com4 ball, which I find a little odd, maybe I'm just fickle. Using the Com4 Gel roller seemed to make me scribble, I found I was conscious of the text going on the page in order to make it legible, rather than thinking about what I had to say. This goes against Stabilo's claims of providing a relaxed position to enable fluid rapid writing.

In my experience reviewing pens I've learned that an opinion can often change half way down the page, this wasn't the case here, my first impression was also my last. Maybe another day will bring a different perspective, just like the ballpoint version.

Stabilo COM4gel - Written Review

Stabilo COM4gel - Written Review

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