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'Snail Mail My Email' Returns!

Do you remember the project last year in which an army of volunteers wrote letters on behalf of strangers and mailed them around the world?

It went so well, the organizers are doing it again...this week only.

The way Snail Mail My Email works is this: You email the group with the name, address and message you want sent to a certain somebody. They will hand-write the letter, add little artistic flourishes such as doodles or flowers (if you'd like) and even pay the postage to send the letter wherever you want.

According to the group's website, you can send a message to anyone: friends, family, secret crushes or elected representatives.

Last year, the volunteers sent more than 10,400 letters to at least 70 different countries over the course of a month. Some of the best letters were collected into a book called 'Snail Mail My Email: Handwritten Letters in a Digital World.' (You can buy the book at

The campaign is the creation of Ivan Cash, a San Francisco-based artist and designer.

"The project's underlying goal has always been to reignite the lost art of letter writing," he said in a news release. "I hope that between the book, the project's return, and any other exposure, people feel inspired to write and send a letter of their own!"

This year, the project is only open THIS WEEK, so if you want to send a message through the group, you have until Nov. 18.

A couple of things to keep in mind: The messages can be only 100 words maximum, and you can only send one. The email address for submitting your snail-mail-to-be is [email protected]

(Don't know if they still need volunteers, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if you are interested.)

Of course, we're hoping at least one of you will send us an adoring letter. :)

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