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Sharpie's New Line of Fun Markers

You know how some pens are strictly business, while others are made just for the sheer joy of creating something special with ink? Well, Sharpie, the ubiquitously cool range of pens and markers, has come out with several new products for back-to-school that are designed solely for fun

Among them:

The Gel Highlighter - more of a highlighter stick than a marker, it's smear-resistant and writes on even the thin pages of Bibles without bleeding through, according to Sharpie. The gel stick advances by twisting the bottom of the highlighter. Comes in vibrant orange, green, pink, yellow and blue.

80s Glam Fine Point Marker - the same Sharpie permanent markers we all love, but in some unique colors we've never seen from Sharpie. They come in Argyle Green, Banana Clip Yellow, Jellie Pink, Leg Warmer Orange and Valley Girl Violet. The colors were chosen by Sharpie's Facebook page fans.

Stained by Sharpie - the hands-down coolest of the new products, these markers allow you to write on almost any fabric in a range of colors. You can draw your own designs on hats, sneakers, t-shirts and anything else you want. Then, wash them without worrying about the colors running. Available in eight basic colors, including red, black and blue.

We'll be reviewing the Stained later in the month for you.

In the meantime, if you love making Sharpie art, go over to the Sharpie website and upload your creations. Sharpie will be taking over the YouTube homepage on August 27, where the artwork of Sharpie fans will be highlighted.

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