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Sharpie Twin Tip Marker Review- Two for the Price of 1

Sharpies have come a long way since the intro of the 1st marker back in 1964. Today there are a whole host of offerings including liquid pencils, fabric & metallic markers in a multitude of colours.

Sharpie Twin Tip Marker

One of these examples is the Sharpie Twin Tip Marker, it has a 0.4 & a 1.5 mm tip, effectively a two for the price of one option. I found these tips to be durable, even in my heavy hand. The ink dries really quickly as well as being water resistant and will leave a permanent mark on most surfaces. I've chosen to check out a blue markers moves, its also available in black & red.

The wide end of the pen is covered by a cap housing a pocket clip. Replacing the cap needed some force, even then I wasn't convinced it was secure, unlike the fine end where the cap clicked into place. The middle section is grey & embossed with logos & the AP certification stamp. Sight of this Approved Product mark should allay any fears of poison or health issues, having been given the seal of approval by medical experts following a toxicological evaluation.

Now strange habit that it is I like to sniff the tips of my marker pens. Not something to be condoned & I should add its not something to be tried at home, but I know the risks & don't make a habit of it!Probably to be expected the larger tip has the strongest “scent” as the 0.4 tip is so fine.

I found the caps on these Sharpies a little annoying I wonder if the same can be said by former US President George W Bush who according to the Sharpie Web site is a loyal fan of the brand.


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