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Sharpie Pen Stainless Steel - Review

Marker pens have been around for ages, early memories of a pencil case full of felt tips conjure up rainy days sat around the table with a colouring book, oh how times have changed!

Sharpie Pen Stainless Steel

First glance of the Sharpie Pen Stainless Steel I expected to see a fountain pen, when I pulled off the cap to find a felt tip I was a bit surprised. Designed to be used for writing & drawing this pen is not your traditional Sharpie permanent marker pen.

This pen has a luxurious look about it & yet will still deliver the same bold, smooth lines as other Sharpie markers. The waterproof ink is non toxic as well as acid free it's a deep black, no grey hues that sometimes disappoint. Although Sharpie claim it doesn't bleed through paper some users seem to disagree. For my test albeit unrefined (scientist I'm not) I used a cheap notepad & even a piece of kitchen roll. Nothing was visible on the notepad & the bleed through on kitchen paper was minimal.

The matt brushed steel barrel is simple yet stylish, the logo doesn't look out of place & the cap fits snugly with a firm click. A pet hate of mine is movement when caps are posted, no problem with this Sharpie there wasn't a rattle to be heard.

This pen writes a fine 0.4mm line & is easy to refill, just unscrew at the grip & the complete section can be replaced.

Left lying on a desk I can imagine the Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen would be just the sort of pen to be “borrowed” It's just a shame that black is the only ink colour available.


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