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Sharpie Nail Art

I'm forever amazed at the things that people can do with Sharpie markers.

So I was fascinated when I stumbled across a YouTube video explaining how to blend markers and nail polish to make brilliant Sharpie nail art.

I've seen Sharpie nail art before, but this takes it to a whole other level. Australian Jema uses three different colors of Sharpies diluted with acetone to mix her own unique color, which she puts over a white base and then seals.

The result is remarkable.

(For more nail tips, check out Nails by Jema.)

Meanwhile, nail blogger Dixie Girlxox offers a different technique that gives a similar result. Interestingly, she uses Bic permanent markers, but calls it Sharpie nail art, which just goes to show how dominant Sharpie is around the world.

Again, she achieves a brilliant look with the ink.

Dixie Girlxox (she's a Brit also living in Australia, so I don't get the American-sounding pen name) also has a blog for nail tips.

And finally, Heather from the blog You Put it On has curated a whole list of ideas for Sharpie nail art, or what she calls the "Sharpie manicure."

No. 10 looks awesome, although pretty gaudy for someone to actually wear out in public.

Check 'em out. If you have any Sharpie nail tips, send them our way and we'll share them with our readers.

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