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Sharpie Metallic Silver Marker - Review

Not having much idea when it comes to arts & crafts I don't usually have cause to use a metallic pen. That's about to change as I have a Sharpie marker ready & waiting for a review.



The Sharpie Metallic Silver Marker has a grey two tone body. The majority of the barrel being a dove coloured shade with black & silver text, the cap is darker & subtly branded with the Sharpie name. There are no health warnings to worry about having been approved by the Art & Creative Materials Institute. The AP logo confirms the ingredients have been checked for any potential harm to any part of the human body, adverse interaction with other ingredients & possible allergic reactions.

Moving down the pen beneath the cap the tip housing is nicely rounded revealing a sparkling silver bullet shaped nib. The cap posts securely on the pen but the lack of pocket clip is noticeable. This is not an issue for me sitting at a desk but I can imagine those that want or need a more portable pen might be disappointed.


This permanent marker has a fine 1.4mm nib & the opaque ink apparently makes it really useful for writing on light & dark surfaces. I put this claim to the test as you can see in the written example & can confirm the result was positive as expected. Great on a dark background & although the text was visible on white it probably wouldn't be my first choice. During research I've read these silver markers are also good for writing on black cloth but can't say I've tried this yet, have to wait until I have some dark material to hand.

This markers ink is fade & water resistant & also quick drying. There wasn't a hint of smudging even writing over another permanent marker & the sheen was clearly visible.

Whilst I don't imagine I will need to use this Sharpie for creative pursuits anytime soon, I can certainly see me marking a few cables as I attempt to tidy the maze of wires occupying far too much floor space beneath my desk. It'll also come in useful the next time I need to send a card with one of those dark envelopes that common-or-garden black or blue ink gets lost in.



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