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Sharpie Fine Points Go Microscopic

Sharpie has a brilliant new ad campaign highlighting its Ultra Fine Point permanent markers by displaying tiny artwork on what looks like red blood and bacteria cells.

The print ad photo illustrations are rendered in vivid 3-D detail and deeply saturated colors. The tiny little cells in each are covered with Sharpie drawings of everything from the umbrellas to birthday cakes to elephants.

While Sharpies obviously can't draw on microscopic objects, you get the idea that no matter how incredibly detailed your drawing needs to be, Sharpie ultra fine-points can get it done.

The ads are the work of Draftfcb, the Chicago-based ad firm that handles many of Sharpie's campaigns.

They're somewhat reminiscent of a campaign by Grey Barcelona for Pilot a couple of years ago in which the Hi-Tec-C 0.25 mm was featured along with tiny tattooed Lego figures.

Whether you like finep-point pens or not, don't both of these series make you just want to grab a needle-tip and start drawing?

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