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Sculpture Constructed of Pencils has proved to be a big draw

Crowd funding has become a bit of a buzz word but have you heard of Crowd Art?
Now it seems artists are inviting others to add to their creations.

penvolution long

As part of Penvolution an international project originating in Hanover, the PencilMobileRoom has been constructed with the help of donations from Faber-Castell using around 1 million pencils.


Designer Kerstin Schultz aims to show the development of communication by posing the question how has communication changed during the shift from analogue to digital? from using pencils to mobile phones.

The PencilMobileRoom is an eye catching structure, a room containing a desk, chair, sculpture, lamp & telephone, effectively the contents of an office.


Some 12 years in the making, this spectacular piece of art work can be seen in Bristol, one of the towns twinned with Hanover. The Bristol Central Library is hosting the event until the 18th December. Visitors are invited to attend crowd art sessions free of charge, they can help expand the room & can also upload selfies, send them by email & view them on computer screens almost immediately.

The exhibition has proved to be popular with many schools to date, children have attended to crowd art sessions & workshops. The library also offers free crowd art sessions & workshops to adults, details can be found here. If you happen to be in the area I'd say it was well worth a visit.


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